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Old kit amnesty to aid morrocan kids

Posted by Andy King 
Andy King
Old kit amnesty to aid morrocan kids
28 November '07 | 10:47am
Hi all,

Iam in the early stages of trying to organise a charity type delivery of unused old but still functioning equipment to Morroco to give the local kids some gear on which to sail. On his trip there last summer Clyde Waite saw with his own eyes how desperate the kids there were to get on the water, yet the lack of kit denies them not only the chance to have fun in there own backyard but the potential to make a future for themselves from the sport. Iam not suggesting they will all become sponsored sailors but even a good windsurfing ability could see them becoming instructors either there in Morroco or elsewhere in the world.

I know Iam not alone in the amount of old but still functional kit I have in my garage and back garden. Why don't we all do something worthwhile with it and donate it to these kids. I know I would love to know that my old tiga 250 wave board could once again bring pleasure to some one out playing in the waves. To me that is worth more then selling it on ebay for ?2.50!!

The best sails to take there are probably the older style wave sails of the 90's which were mostly mylar, ie old ezzy's, north's, tushinghams etc or even any older mylar saills, ie prydes wave comps etc , alphas, these kids aren't going to be fussy at all and monofilm sails in good condition are just as valuable...

Masts are desperately needed, clyde was saying that he watched kids sailing with 3 or 4 broken sections rammed inside each other rigging a sail with ever panel broken.

Booms, boards and the rest even wetsuits as it isn't the warmest water in the world there.

Give me some feed back please...

I was thinking it it was to happen that we select some drop off points through out the country and then it will all be collected,
hopefully some new essentials can be added, rope, uj's ect before it all gets put in a donated container and shipping down to Morroco.

The container can then hopefully be left at the beach location to provide secure storage for the equipment at its new location.
(last summer a tent containing all the kids equipment boujma had previously helped gather got burnt down, they lost nearly everything.

As I say at the moment its just an idea but lets make it happen !!

cheers Andy
Re: Old kit amnesty to aid morrocan kids
28 November '07 | 12:51pm
This is a wicked idea. We probably have a shed load of stuff kicking about in our uni windsurf store that we are dying to throw away! I'm sure some of the other uni clubs are in a similar position.
Re: Old kit amnesty to aid morrocan kids
29 November '07 | 12:34pm
Wicked idea...I know we (as most windsurfers do) accumulate old kit, so why not!
dave pearce
Re: Old kit amnesty to aid morrocan kids
29 November '07 | 9:49pm
Just an idea but the container is fantastic advertising space for someone why not try to get the contain sign written up by someone they are about ?800 tO buy but if sponsered by sevaral shops or companies on a beach in morroco may appeal to someone if you have not got a container i may be able to ask around they ant the cheapest things to move now though with fuel at the price it is.
Dave P
luke doughty
Re: Old kit amnesty to aid morrocan kids
30 November '07 | 1:32pm
Great idea, freecycling kit !!!! A friend of my Dad's was talking to me recently and said he had taken his old sails and board to the dump it was all late 90's stuff but nobody in Britain wants it.
Re: Old kit amnesty to aid morrocan kids
1 December '07 | 11:52pm
Brilliant idea! Our Uni lock-up is full of old stuff which just dosen't get used anymore - boards mainly but a few other bits and pieces as well.
Re: Old kit amnesty to aid morrocan kids
2 December '07 | 11:45am
What a brilliant idea Andy, the modern equivalent of Good King Wenslaslas!!
We will see what we can do, we have got loads of bits of kit that will never be used but couldn't possibly go to a dump as they are like old friends with happy memories.
Re: Old kit amnesty to aid morrocan kids
2 December '07 | 10:36pm
Mate great idea. spent sometime there over this summer and experienced what clyde saw himself! windsurfed with one kid who had 4mm rope for harness lines and a sail with no battens but loved the crack and was easily one of the most stoked riders out! i for sure will dig through my stash and donate. awesome idea! maybe look to set up some kind or arrangement with boujmaa so all kids can have access to the kit, like a rental station but you dont have to pay! watch out for the legal apect, cause from experience they have some crazy import laws!
Re: Old kit amnesty to aid morrocan kids
3 December '07 | 5:56pm
I was thinking of just filling up my van next summer and leaving a load of stuff there, but then remembered how far it is too drive. As it was I left a 3.7 to the two brothers. It also has to be small kit, most cant use bigger than a 4.2 as it gets windy so quickly. The old style mylar/cloth 4 batten sails will be perfect, since they get left rigged and in the sun all day. The monofilm ones wont really last at all, especially as they don't seem to have any fear of the rocks or the reef. Boards wise the old tiga's will be perfect, but anything really as most of them just want to get out there. There must be so many older waveboards lying around unused or out of fashion.

A container might be a good idea, but I reckon getting around import laws will be easier with a big van.
Maybe some shops can be depo's, be a good way to have a kit clearout. Although like mentioned before, big kit wont work.
Re: Old kit amnesty to aid morrocan kids
3 December '07 | 8:35pm
Just say where to drop the kit in the midlands area and i'll gladly donate some retro kit to a worthy home.
Re: Old kit amnesty to aid morrocan kids
4 December '07 | 1:22pm
Just to say we have left kit at Moulay before (old Tigas always good for durability) Although as we drove across the border into Maroc all our kit was supposedly listed with the idea we were not taking kit in to then sell. However on the way out no one checked what we had, so no bother.
But whatever it is so long as it isnt completely knackered they are always very appreciative.
But if someone organises a load to go i know my garage is rammed with stuff..


anti guru
Re: Old kit amnesty to aid morrocan kids
4 December '07 | 7:05pm
they dont check your gear on the way in any more, so you can take what you like if its in or on your private van. If you send a container expect to pay heavy import duty and baksheesh.
Re: Old kit amnesty to aid morrocan kids
4 December '07 | 10:15pm
good place to ditch a whole bunch of those tushingham sails no one wants!!
Re: Old kit amnesty to aid morrocan kids
5 December '07 | 8:16pm
Good work Andy, are Boardseeker going to put this on the front page for those that don't bother with forums?
Re: Old kit amnesty to aid morrocan kids
10 December '07 | 9:13pm
great idea (on 2 levels) one get people out windsurfing on kit that's hardly used and secondly remove some of the older kit around which means people here wanting to start out will have to start buying more new kit

win, win ;-)

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