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boardseeker babe

Posted by andy 
boardseeker babe
12 December '07 | 7:51pm
how fit is the current boardseeker babe!!!!
Re: boardseeker babe
12 December '07 | 7:55pm
Yep shes a hottie! Although I think I still prefer Krystelle......those shots of her on the Gun story on the home page.......well I better stop there!
Re: boardseeker babe
12 December '07 | 7:59pm
yeah they are awesome photo's too! Theres something about the boardseeker chick...to bad shes taken!!!
Re: boardseeker babe
13 December '07 | 10:43am
Yeah she's very very nice,

Although she is taken for now, you could always book a holiday in Vass and spend the seven wind and wave less days stalking her!!
Sounds likes she digs those freestyle fags so you better start with a funky hair cut and a big set of anal beds round your neck just in case!
Then wow her with lots of talk of how you pull double punettas in your sleep and how you wasted your lifes savings on a trip to Margherata last winter to train with the worlds best freegayers!

She'll no doubt see right through your cunning ploy but who knows she probably has a fat friend or two!
Re: boardseeker babe
14 December '07 | 2:38am
yeah she's very very nice,

You never know in Vassiliki! But maybe she will fall for one of the many fags in the world that cant do freestyle so call themselves wavesailors, you could always visit her in the uk and spend seven freezing cold and windless days stalking her in your steamer wetsuit!

Maybe one day she'll dig those wannabe be wavesailors so you better start with a nine till 5 office job and maybe an enourmous student loan that your never gonna be able to pay back!

Then maybe she'll be wowed by lots of talk of how you can only go windsurfing on the weekends; in your dreams and if its windy and how you can't get wasted tonight because you spent all of your lifesavings on a brand new waveboard cause your to shit to get anything for free.

she'll no doubt she through your cunning ploy but who knows maybe she'll stay with her freegayer boyfreind who spends all year in a sunny windy location and can spell Margarita!!!!! But oh well maybe you could leave the dream world and go pull another boring fat bird!!!
Re: boardseeker babe
14 December '07 | 12:00pm
Thanks for that max,
I don't actually wave sail, I speed sail and that post was actually a joke, obviously you gays , sorry guys, aren't quite as relaxed as you like to think !!
As for spelling "Margeritaa" I couldn't give a toss as it's a shit hole run by South American drug lords!

As for kit I buy the stuff Vass sells to robin hood as I know it's seen little use due to the fact you never get wind !!! hahah

By the way I am in fact a chartered accountant with my own business which earns me more income in a year than you will probably earn in your life time but I do like my boring fat birds as they are very grateful and keep me warm during the winter!

Relax at leat your not a kite surfer!
Re: boardseeker babe
14 December '07 | 12:37pm
Children , children will you behave!

This clearly high lights issues with Boardseeker Babe,

Some say that it is degrading to women , some say that isn't the case and that if the girls in question are happy then thats fine.

Unfortuneatly the boys like to perve on the girls as thats what boys like to do and the boyfriend is no doubt going to get jealous and upset.
It obviously isn't a good place for humour Brian and Max has obviously got upset.

So lets all take Boardseeker babe as it is, a bit of fun....

Let's hope Max hasn't offended too many UK windsurfers working 9-5 and who are only able to sail at weekends, like myself, as it's only the fact that us hopeless types go on holidays to places like Vass, that keep him enjoying the great lifestyle that he does!

and to conclude this lecture, if your happy, what does what you earn matter !! You can't take it with you when you die!
freegayer max!!
Re: boardseeker babe
15 December '07 | 2:39am
hahah im sorry ive clearly offended you brian! it was also ment as a joke hence the similar wording to your previous post!!!! I will not disagree that i was slightly annoyed by your post, however unlike Dave suggested it was not to do with what was said about my girlfriend at all it was more to do with the atttitude towards freestylers or freegayers as you like to say, which had me tempted to send a reply!
I think that saying Vass never has wind is a little bit unfair! it may not howl every single day of the season like other hardcore speed sailing locations, but it is an awesome centre with lots else to do which is why it attracts the people it does which does help leading the lifestyle i do!!! as for the kit we actually sell it to boardwise incase you were mistaken!!!

Thank you Dave as i think that is the key point that what does it matter what you earn if your happy!!! you are probably right and i would say every single day of my life i know there is nowhere else i'd rather be!!! sorry i clearly offended you brian! by the way i am infact a windsurf instructor and occasionly i break even each month and i will probably earn less money in the next week as you do in the next minute!!! BUT I'M NOT REALY BOTHERED!!

Brian "Connelly"
Re: boardseeker babe
15 December '07 | 6:53pm
"It's only a puppet" --- duh got to stop trying to be funny !

Hi Max, peace warmly excepted, a collision of scarcasm there me thinks!
I have nothing against freestyle, I actually enjoy watching it.
Just a long running good natured battle between speed and 3style here at west kirby finds my typing fingers quick to mis spell freegay errr freestyle etc.

Like I said I'd rather get abused online by you than say by a Kitesurfing German!

all the best

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