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Angulo on light wind wave comps...

Posted by Brendan 
Angulo on light wind wave comps...
13 December '07 | 5:31pm

Interesting read. What do you think?

I personally agree with Josh - always a first time for everything winking smiley . Light wind wave sailing in cross-off conditions is sick. It is hard work and challenging so really tests the sailors and their kit - sounds like perfect competition stuff to me!
Re: Angulo on light wind wave comps...
14 December '07 | 12:13pm
hey, yeah I think your right there, to help the sport expand then the PWA should look into a few lighter wind pure riding locations but like Josh says event locations need sponsors to provide the cash for an event. Remember the "Namouto" event was pretty light wind but an amazing wave venue.

Josh is right though that at the end of the day an event needs to be completed and in Tiree competable conditions were missed, although to be fair in Tiree the forecast kept promising good conditions which simply never arrived. Yet as there is the double elimination in place it probably should have started as soon as conditions allowed, but hey with hindsight it's always easy to say.

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