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New Boardseeker dvd

Posted by Simon 
New Boardseeker dvd
14 December '07 | 12:42pm
Hey, Has anyone seen the new Boardseeker dvd yet, I've heard good things about it but trying to decide whether to get it or to get the new Polakow remix?

Would like to get both but it's one or the other I'm afraid !

Re: New Boardseeker dvd
14 December '07 | 2:37pm
Well of course its got to be the new Boardseeker DVD!!! 26 shops in the UK now have stock of it, so I am sure you could pop in and check it out, just so you dont have to take my word for it!!

2 discs, 25 chapters (and different locations), Madagascar, Mauritus, Tiree, Brazil PWA, New Zealand, The Gorge etc etc...go on, you know you want to!

The first re-subscribers will have their copies now so maybe someone will post some comments.
Re: New Boardseeker dvd
15 December '07 | 12:07am
got mine thro the other day ... had a quick squiz at it and looks pretty good ... the missus commented that there were lots of new faces on it so maybe look at it as refreshing new media as opposed to reworked / repackaged old media.

not seen the other one so can't comment on that .... recommendation ... sort your subscription and get a copy of the boardseeker dvd .... then nag someone to buy you the other one and come tell us all if it's any good ;-)
Re: New Boardseeker dvd
23 December '07 | 4:23pm
Great dvd but I thought the beach hotties were down on quality from last year,
although miss Guincho 07 takes some beating:-0
Re: New Boardseeker dvd
23 December '07 | 6:35pm
I've got the Polokow DVD and I have to admit to being slightly dissapointed. It is great seeing some of the older action but I thought there would be more up-to-date action on it. JP may be a great sailor but he's not the most natural when interviewed!
Re: New Boardseeker dvd
23 December '07 | 9:10pm
i have just got the new DVD and for the money its awesome compared to any other you can get. 2hrs worth! loadsa waves and a loada freestyle. only real shame is that there's none of the UK in it! dont understand why when the UK can be so good why it hardly ever gets any proper featured footage!? would be sooo good if a DVD dedicated to UK shores was made, not just ireland and Tiree! Take nothing away from the Annual 08 dvd though it is awesome!
Re: New Boardseeker dvd
25 December '07 | 9:43pm
I think Mr Hart tried to get some uk footage but lack of good quality conditions while he was down this way put a hold on that.A case of poor timing with pwa etc as we have had perfect conditions a handful of times this year.. Lets hope it can turn on in 08 for the next dvd...

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