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Cornish Windsurfers looking for love !

Posted by Nik muffet 
Nik muffet
Cornish Windsurfers looking for love !
15 December '07 | 7:27pm
Hi, Cornwall may not be short of waves and sheep but for a few cornish windsurfers it looks set to be a loney christmas.
It appears the further west you go the harder it becomes to find active ladies who dig neoprene and derigging sails.

If your up for a trip to Cornwall to sails some waves and to maybe meet the man of your dreams post here!

cheers Nik x
Re: Cornish Windsurfers looking for love !
16 December '07 | 11:13am
are you sure it's only ladies your looking for?
if not you can count me in on a trip down for a bit of riding....
Re: Cornish Windsurfers looking for love !
16 December '07 | 12:07pm
Dearest Nik,

I can't believe I found you. I had been so worried since our night in Tiree that I would never see you again. You promised that you would come and see me at the shop in the morning and then I heard you had left on the ferry that morning. I was heart broken. I searched through all the windsurf magazines I could find on the island as you told me you were the British champion but I discovered that this was all a bit of a lie. I forgive you though as our time together was the best five minutes of my life.

I have booked a train from Oban to Penzance for next Wednesday. Let me know where you are living and send me your phone number, e mail and some pictures of you to help me pass the time until we meet again.

You will never need to look for love again my darling.


Sharorn pole
Re: Cornish Windsurfers looking for love !
30 December '07 | 9:36am
Dear Nick,

I saw you at the beach the other day I wanted to say hello but just couldn't bring myself to approach you because my knees went all week when you smiled at me. I think you are a professional windsurfer because you had all these stickers on your sail and a sail number, I just love big strong men in neoprene. Unfotunately I saw you sail and fall in all the time and wanted to help you when you got washed up on the rocks, but was just too embarrassed. Please can you say hello to me next time, I drive a big white van and work in the pastry shop with my sister, sister's cousin and my brothers sisters husband.

Lots of love, mrs poleup xx
Re: Cornish Windsurfers looking for love !
30 December '07 | 4:39pm
Hey nick i think i spoke to you the other day. You came in and pretended to tie your out haul and you said hi. I think you must have had a too small sail up. Well you know what they say about small sails. I didnt get a chance to get your number but thought you were cute. You had a blue and white goya sail like that ginger guy you were trying to copy. Still you may not be as talented but maybe you can impress me another way.Leanne x x x
palmela handerson
Re: Cornish Windsurfers looking for love !
30 December '07 | 5:37pm
Hi Nick,

I have seen you on the beach a few times, I think ur a real hunk! not too sure about the company you keep, that ginger bloke is trouble, a good for nothing layabout, certainly not someone to aspire to! yeah sure, he can do a few wierd looking jumpy turny things on the water, but he's not a real mate, he likes to sail with you to make himself look good, he strikes me as a real egomaniac, and the sort of joker that would try and make you look stupid, taking the piss out of you on internet forums and the like. It was good to see you get wise to him the other month, although your methods were questionable, harvesting your own faeces and placing it on the beach to blame his dog did make me chuckle, but is a bit disgusting.. and made the dog feel really bad! I think if you change your circles, more girls will pluck up the courage to speak to you. i look forward to seeing you at a beach on your own, I think then I could muster up enough guts to talk to you, from there, who knows
Blade girl
Re: Cornish Windsurfers looking for love !
30 December '07 | 8:40pm

You should have seen the pair of them at Maza yesterday, their matching sails were so cute.

It was a shame we didn't get to see more of the sails seen as they spent most of the time in the water, both were having a slight problem uphauling and ended up swimming their kit back in!

I have to agree though there does seem to be very few female windsurfers in Cornwall, more guys for us!!

Therefore lads; you should be super nice to the ones you find (and also learn to waterstart!)
"Jimmy" Savil
Re: Cornish Windsurfers looking for love !
31 December '07 | 12:11am
Hey man, I just wanted to say that I have been cruising the windsurf scene down here in Cornwall for some time and have never had issues meeting the ladies! I employ various techniques but never "fail to nail" if you know what I mean. As the poster, lets call him Miss Muffet for now, is obviously struggling I will let him in on a few of my secrets!

1) Try to actually sail as little as possible, you'll never get to chat up the ladies if you spend every hour of the day on the water....

To make this easier to justify limit your kit to one heavily rockered 68L wave board and a 4.7....
Just rig up then wet your hair with bottled water and pretend it was massive earlier...

2) If you have to sail make sure that you don't try anything crazy like duck gybes or one handed jumps, remember that you can't risk damaging the face man, appearance is everything !

3) Always place a couple of socks or a spare footstrap in the groin region of your wetsuit, this is the next place the ladies check after the face and you don't want to disappoint!

4) If you find a lady sailor then follow her every time you see her, mumble greetings and stare at her relentlessly. Make her feel good by carrying her kit and helping her zip up her suit even if she hasn't asked for your assistance!

5) As soon as you get her name, google it to find out every detail you can about her and use this to get her interested!

6) Finally never let good conditions get in the way of the hunt, I recently passed up mast high gwithian to hang out at Hayle with the ladies, that?s the kind of commitment you need!

Anyway that?s enough secrets for now....
I've got a few calls to make to line up which windsurfing lady gets the pleasure of seeing in the new year in my arms!

Ben Xxxx
A Queen
Re: Cornish Windsurfers looking for love !
31 December '07 | 9:01am
Hi little miss muffet? I don't know about this Jimmy/Ben? guy sounds like a real loser to me, think Ive seen him down the beach few times looks like a good for nothing layabout, can't sail for sh@t well not as good as me anyway. Listen what you got to do is purchase yourself a couple of nice fluffy little dogs, seriously the ladies go Doo Lally Tap when my Dalmation goes bounding up towards them full of the joys of spring. My other half thinks that I'm a dog lover! give me a break I can?t stand the things but these puppys have gotten me more attention from the chicks in the last 2 years than I know what to do with.

The plus sides of having the mutts are as follows:
Their always happy and will always love you, even if everyone else thinks your a complete Assh@le!!
When you come back home after a hard days graft?? their still going to be there to say hello & welcome you with big licks and kisses no matter how late you are.
The Chicks love them, but think carefully about what your buying, like cars each pedigree has its status so don't go getting yourself an old banged out mongrel.

The negatives:
They crap all over the place, which can sometimes cause you more trouble than its worth.
Their hairs can be a real nuisance, especially if its not your van.
They chew up your windsurfing gear.
Like people they get old and lose their appeal,
but what the hell you just trade them in and get yourself a new one.

Other than this all I can suggest is that you take a trip to Brazil or even Thailand if your real desperate.
Good luck Nick,
Regards Andy xx

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