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Board Shapers

Posted by bill 
Board Shapers
21 December '07 | 11:54am
Hi Guys & Girls

How important is a board shaper to a brand?

What board shaper has the biggest influence in the market today?

When a top board shaper speaks do you listen?

Who is your favourite board shaper?

Just to kick it off two of my favourites are Keith Teboul and Tiesda You.

Any views?
Re: Board Shapers
21 December '07 | 12:21pm
board shapers, the most impressive IMHO is a chap known as CNC, he works for cobra, he turns so many shapes year in year out to really exacting standards.. he has an amazing abillity to take specs given to him by other quality shapers from around the world and just nail it, hes a mathematical wizard & a shaping machine.. I bet must of us have sailed one of his boards! OK so his rails might not be razor sharp or as tucked as possible, but I think hes a real shaper for the masses! all hail CNC!!
Re: Board Shapers
21 December '07 | 4:50pm
Hi Ben,

Interesting view point.

I suppose a more modern term may be board designer.

You know designers / shapers that have been around for awhile and are respected in the industry.

What do you think of Keith Teboul and Tiesda You ?

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