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Lost in Lostwithiel; life coach wanted

Posted by A. Queen 
A. Queen
Lost in Lostwithiel; life coach wanted
29 December '07 | 5:54pm
I've found there are pros and cons with being unemployed in the heart cornwall. I have a nice lifestyle sailboarding by day, working on my cottage when i can be bothered and dog walking by night, but sometimes i worry if i am leading a fulfilled life, or if my girlfriend might sack me if my roof falls in. I love my dogs, maybe too much sometimes some friends tell me, but even though i have had them for a while i should admit i dont have the control i think i should with them, As well as a life coach for myself i realise i need a dog trainer to make them obey me and love me. I wasnt worried until i had a fine - i think from a kitesurfer - who reported a fouling on the beach by a dalmation with no owner in sight.
Can anyone help me?
Vic Stillman
Re: Lost in Lostwithiel; life coach wanted
29 December '07 | 6:05pm
Hi there,
I would suggest the following. Every good dog trainer knows that a dog needs a strong pack leader. You should assert yourself within the pack (ie your household) as the leader and behave as such. Take the lead (so to speak) and become the top dog by telling the hounds and bitches what to do. You should eat first, even before your girlfriend and walk ahead by 3 paces. The dogs will see you as the boss, especially if you go out to work and bring home the bread. This will help fill your days.
Good luck.. and remember.. SIT! STAY! Get back in the van NOW!
Re: Lost in Lostwithiel; life coach wanted
29 December '07 | 6:22pm
Hey Queeny,
I'll be your life coach for a small fee, teach you how to earn your keep and give you some tips on how to rip on a sailboard too..
And yeah, them dogs needs a firm hand.
Gonzales Flapjax
Re: Lost in Lostwithiel; life coach wanted
30 December '07 | 12:33am
Ello Mr Queeny, it a seem that maybe you lack the direction in life at moment. You no short of the natural talent heh and the how a you say? tenacity? to help pass some days better and maybe to high level on and off the water no. I thinka along the line you miss out on the concepto of to try to differentiate the differences between the work and the play. Me wonder that you need to buck your ideas up heh ASAP, stop this pissing around with your macho dogs, stop looking at the GMTV and the lady?s on a the computors, stop the acts of foolishness make your lady a happy lady. They say a mans dog will be like him, so to me it no wonder your doggys are bad bad doggys, like you they want to run free on the beach and have fun and jump high into the sky but like you the doggys like to have some work to do. I thinka you need to take your work serious what ever you decide to do in this life and I sure you be a great great person in this life. If you like more help to try be more professional on life, please please contact or look at: Ickholas Muff.

Have Good Luck, Gonzales Flapjax
big guns Al
Re: Lost in Lostwithiel; life coach wanted
30 December '07 | 10:48am
Hey Andrew, can i call you Drew?
yeah i couldnt agree more with Mr Gomezgonzalezflapjxez, it seems like you've been given great advice on the dog-front, good luck with that. I'm a keen sailboarder here in the US and i love to keep an eye on the high flying brits with big guns like yourself (i know who who you are kiddo but dont worry, your secret's safe with me winking smiley I was in united kingdom recently at the beach checking out your big-guns in person hehe, yeah that was me wearing the thong flexng my pecs, winking at you as you smiled back...)
You're a motivated guy, so keep up the good work, no pain no gain and all that crap, go get 'em tiger.
Re: Lost in Lostwithiel; life coach wanted
30 December '07 | 12:42pm
do some university add on degree!mabe a part time masters. that way you do litlle but feel like your doing a lot! speaking from a student perspective i do "7" hours a week, do not a lot, windsurf whenever but at the end of the week when it comes to a contemplation moment i feel good!
Lance Buffet
Re: Lost in Lostwithiel; life coach wanted
30 December '07 | 9:53pm
Hey there queen I saw these pics of yourself in a United Kingdom windsurfer magazine Boarders? you were dressed up in this real neat red wetsuit with these cute little booties like old Sinatra style. Anyways we doing this new website back here in Baltimore just for men and we could do with a little athletic guy like yourself for the intro page. The money would be big dollars, we Americans just can't seem to get enough of you pasty brits at the moment so it should go down like a treat. We also wanna to stick you on the front cover of our new mag "Little Brits with Big Bits" under the heading 'Twinkle Toes drops his clothes' its gonna go on sale New York next year if it all goes ahead, so should pay for your mortgage hell I'll even buy you a new god damn house. Listen don?t worry about a thing kid were gonna take you your lady and your dogs into the big time I?ve got it all planned out. When you think your ready give me a call any time.

Tell you what being christmas and all I'll send you over a few food parcels, some dog biscuits that kinda stuff (sorry but the missus loves freaking animals) and some pics of my family so we's can all get acquainted before we see the little guy in person.

Lance Buffet.

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