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topless windsurfing

Posted by Stu H 
Stu H
topless windsurfing
1 January '08 | 6:55pm
excellent video! who are they though, back in those days they must have been pro's and for neil pryde too? jenna de rosnay, natalie simon maybe? Brilliant, maybe the current generation of female pro's should do the same!!
belinda bessanger
Re: topless windsurfing
2 January '08 | 3:27pm
Hi, lovely footage of some lovely ladies. Unfortunately if the current crop of top uk female sailors were to do a similar thing the results could be horrendous.

It would be like a herd of hippos in a mud bath.

If they could body drag in a wetsuit they wouldn't even have to try after letting it all hang out, au naturelle. Boobs dragging down near their feet not finely bouncing like in the video clip.

I suppose the girls in the video look like good female sailors as they aren't catapulting all over the place but that's just 'cos they aren't using a harness. Good tip there for tushingham and evo sailors.

Let the man boobs swing free....

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