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Backloop rotation

Posted by Backie 
Backloop rotation
2 January '08 | 11:25am
watching the people who do backloops make it look really controlled and easy. But how do you even get the rotatation? I just seem to do this jump where a luff into wind and travel sideways through the air, or i try and throw it over my head and crash. None of which seem to work.. Advice needed!!
Joey D
Re: Backloop rotation
2 January '08 | 9:16pm
Hit the steepest section of the ramp, however too steep and your going to hit the mast tip if your trying to rotate too hard or if theres a touch of off in the wind you'll get back winded. Push slightly off the apex of the ramp with the feet to give you that extra kick, if your well powered up stay tucked in shoot straight up slightly sheeted out try to sit back slightly/ or hang from the rig. Its a jump where a lot of the technique comes down to feel and play in the hands and feet. If you launch at the right angle you'll pretty much end up with a back rotation hopefully not too excesive. Landing is the hardest part where suddenly you stop dead down wind with a shed load of power in the sail. However to be honest with you I've never landed one so I'm just guessing from trial and error myself! it must be a difficult jump to explain with just words. Can any one provide any help?
Re: Backloop rotation
3 January '08 | 11:35am
How far should you rotate before landing?

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