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best sport in the world?
17 April '06 | 10:30pm
Hi everyone

my mates at school think windsurfing is boring(never tried it) so i would like
anyone who does windsurfing to view this post so i can tell them how many people enjoy windsurfing.

Re: best sport in the world?
21 April '06 | 7:49pm
consider it done....

windsurfing "rocks"

Johnny G
Re: best sport in the world?
11 May '06 | 12:36pm
Glenn, tell your friend he has no idea.

Windsurfing is the most dynamic, exciting, visually fascinating sport out there.

Tell him to watch a surfing video (or any other sport) and then wack in one of the latest wave/freestyle video to compare.

If he is not convinced after that, get a new friend.

Windsufing should be on mainstream tv worldwide. It is the most exciting sport in the world!!!!!
Re: best sport in the world?
3 June '06 | 6:49pm
Windsurfing is better than every sport in the world... because

-It is a real sport unlike.. Darts or snooker
-Because the it is not snobby (unlike your local dingy/sailing club with a committee structure more complex than the UN)
-You can do it on your own or with your mates and either way you will love it
-Every one who sails is dedicated ( read'addicted') and has a passion for it
-Windsurfers are the friendliest people in the world (unless you stand between them and a good sail...)
-Because John Prescott does not windsurft
- Because it is not territorial like surfing.
- Because the learning curve is endless, every one is trying to crack something (waterstart, carve gybe, flaka, loops, soubles, waves etc)
- because to it is one of the few things where you know you are really hooked when you by a Long wheel base van dispite living in london in the week....

and for a million other reasons

I love it, every one I know who has given it a reasonable shot (apart from one french girl) loves it....

Re: best sport in the world?
11 June '06 | 12:31pm
Glenn, well if you lived here in Western Australia, then the answer is simply.
Bloody fantastic, no equal, running a close second is kite surfing but windsurfing all year round with stong usabe winds
Re: best sport in the world?
11 June '06 | 12:32pm
Glenn, almost forgot.
Check out our web site we use each day down here.


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