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Naish wave 85

Posted by Woyt 
Naish wave 85
21 April '06 | 12:26am


I'm going to buy wave board,but I don't know which one to go for, 78l or 85l both Naish wave(2005).
I'm 80kg and planing to use this board for moderate to high wind days in choppy water and moderate
waves. Does anyone have any experience with the mantioned boards? My other board is Naish vector98.

Thanks for feedback.
Jan Sleigh
Re: Naish wave 85
21 April '06 | 11:50am
Hi there,

I've of a bit of experience with these boards :-)

I have sailed the 85 and I own the 78 and the 95 (and now the 06 79 & 96)

I have used them 78 and the 95 on the south coast of the UK, Ireland and Western Australia, Japan and Maui as well.

I weigh betweeen 85kg on a fit day and 95kg on a fat day - ie after a few months deskbound and in an office.

I use the 78 with a 5.4 Boxer down to 4.4 and a 4.0 Force and I use 5.4 - 6.2 Boxer on the 95 (occasionaly a 5.0 with the 95 on windy but super onshore days)

I would personally recommend going for the 78 as it is a killer board - really ecxels in waves and as you have a 98 Vector its a nice gap between the two. If you are not confidant using a lower volume board then got for the 85 - but as you weigh less than me I really don't thing the 78 is going to be a problem.

Hope that helps,

give me a shout if you want any more info.


Re: Naish wave 85
21 April '06 | 10:53pm
Hi Jan
Hi Jan.

Thank you for reply.

Decisions, decisions... I still can't decide which one to go for. I'm just afraid that
conditions I 'm sailing at are far from perfect so the extra volume would help.

Could you please, tell me what's the practical sail range of 85 ,the stat box says 4.0-5.6m2 .

I just wonder about top end control in say 4.0-4.5 m weather conditions ,isn't it affected by
the width of the board, which is quite substantial at 57.4 cm.

The place I sail is quite gusty and 4.5m weather is quite seldom so I'm bit afraid 78 could be
to much stop and go.

I realise 78 should suit my weight no problem but I would like my wave board to be small
all-rounder with occasional ability to cope with 4.5 m weather.





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