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vassiliki camping which kit to take?

Posted by robby rad 
robby rad
vassiliki camping which kit to take?
23 April '06 | 2:18pm
hi guys,

i'm planning on camping in vass this summer from the end of june for 4 weeks.

does anyone know how much the campsite costs out there? when i phone can't seem to find anyone who speaks english.

also i'm taking out a 4.2, 5.0 and 5.7 but can anyone recommend what size board to take out? i had a 83litre wave board in mind but would that be a bit small?


yours truly,
robby rad
robby rad
Re: vassiliki camping which kit to take?
23 April '06 | 4:42pm
...i'm 68kg...
Re: vassiliki camping which kit to take?
24 April '06 | 2:55pm
Robby, not sure how much the campsite costs, see if you can get hold of Simon Hurrey (ex-Club Vass), who might be able to point you in the right direction, or give you some general ideas. re: kit, I reckon that's prob be fine, but you might want a freestyle board, or something like a Starboard carve 99 or 111 for most of your sailing. Just my opinion, but in my experience its mostly 5.5 conditions in Vass in the afternoon's.
Re: vassiliki camping which kit to take?
30 April '06 | 4:43pm
call samba travel in Vass. English speaking and they have all the info. Unfortunately don't have their phone number. Definately go for a bigger board and sail combo. You may be able to store your kit at Sunmaves as he has a board and rig store there and if you drink beer at the place, he lets you stash it there for free.

Re: vassiliki camping which kit to take?
2 May '06 | 9:24pm
Heres the email address for Samba tours. sales@sambatours.gr The camp site isn't dirt cheap and you may get an apartment room for the same price for 4 weeks. Jan at Samba Tours knows everything there is to know! I'd play safe and take a bigger board eg 100L freeride/freestyle and its usually 5.2-5,7 weather. Have fun!
Re: vassiliki camping which kit to take?
12 May '06 | 9:40am
we've been regular visitors to vass for a few years now and although I'm a bit of a wavehead myself vass is just NOT a place for the waveboard.
if you're not into blasting style burn n turn then go freestylin'.....I'm same weight as you and get most fun out there on a freestyle/wave circa 90-100, 59-62 wide.
see you out there in july
robby rad
Re: vassiliki camping which kit to take?
12 May '06 | 1:36pm
thanks for the help everyone,

my latest idea was whether i could get away with taking out my mates 88litre RRD waveswallow?

would it be alright? i don't wanna buy a new board you see...

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