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mistral 115 biggest sail?
24 April '06 | 10:12pm
just wondering if any one who has had some experience with the mistral screamer 115(06 mdl) can give me an idea of the largest sail this board will carry comfortably. the data on there site says 7.5, but reluctant to always read what is writen on a manufacturers site. is 7.8 camed sails a problem?
Re: mistral 115 biggest sail?
27 April '06 | 5:10pm
Hi there,
I did have a screamer 116 (05) and I know that the guy that bought me the board has already sailed with 8.0 sail. So I guess, since there aren't that many differences between the 05 and 06 model I reckon you should be ok with sails up to 8.0 m.
Depending on the year of the camed sail, they can be quite heavy. But again, the screamer is a wide board that floats well and so able to get heavy camed sails.

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