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27 April '06 | 8:18am
Hi Everyone.

I think it might finally be time for me to get a van to go windsurfing in. I am not sure what the best van is for windsurfing. It looks like the van of choice might be a SWB VW transporter, but I am a bit worried about whether my gear will fit in.

I sail a 258 board, which should be no problem, but I also surf a 9'6" (2.9m) longboard, and I am teaching my girlfriend to windsurf on a 3.3m magnum. I'm not convinced these boards will fit in. Maybe there is enough room to squeeze boards between the front seats to get the extra length. Diagonal might also be the way ahead, but it's hard to tell what will fit without actually trying it out.

So, if anyone out there has any chat about this, I would be very grateful.


Re: Vans!
27 April '06 | 8:33am
The SWB VW is ok for boards up to 258 ish .. you can rack flat along the length (and thats with a half height bulkhead...) You can angle the rack so the nose of the boards point down slightly to give you an extra few cm to fit 260-265 without losing more than half the width of your van..

I also have a longboard but have to suspend it snug to the ceiling and it fits over the driver or passengers head.. (provided your not too tall and the board doesn't have some peculiar rocker line in the nose)

As for the 3.3m magnum.. chop the nose off... she'll never notice !
Re: Vans!
27 April '06 | 10:43am
I reckon SWB is the way to go now, since most boards are not above 240. Better MPG, parking, speed, convenience etc. The Transporter double seat folds forwards flush and flat if you need to get longer stuff in. Although that doesnt leave room for your girlfriend - Doh. Guess she will have to lie in the back...

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