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Mast for Tushingham TBird II 7.5 (2005)

Posted by _Frippe_ 
Mast for Tushingham TBird II 7.5 (2005)
3 May '06 | 4:49pm
I own a Tbird 7.5 from 2005 (or is it 2004...?) and I currently use a 30% Carbon Fiberspar mast (460/25). The mast is from '99 and I do feel that my sail will perform better with a newer lighter mast with better flex/response. Apart from the weight and carbon percentage I also believe that the sail does not set correctly on my current mast (it is very loose in the leech even with the lowest downhaul tension I can apply).
So I am going to buy a new mast but my problem is that there is no Tushingham dealer near me here in Stockholm (or even in Sweden...?). So I am looking at other brands and the ones that are sold in stores close to me are: Simmer, Neil Pryde, Challenger, Gaastra and I think I can get hold of a Powerex mast too. I am looking at a 55-75% Carbon mast and I wonder which brand of the above you think fits the Tbird best? Any other suggestions on suitable masts are of course appreciated too.


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