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lightwind kitesurfing

Posted by Steve 
lightwind kitesurfing
1 June '06 | 5:19pm
I?m thinking about getting a large kite for those light wind days, where I can?t windsurf (or get plaining on freestyle kit anyway). just wandering if there are any other windsurfers out there who do this, and had any info on it, like how bigger kite would I need, for about 15knots and under, and what type of board I would need.
Also, I know in windsurfing, if you get a huge sail, its harder and less practical to do jumps and stuff, but how would a large kite compare. Will it be awkward to use, or not as bad?
I won?t be getting into it seriously, just want one kite, that'll get me blasting and jumping.

I?m not a total beginner either, I have had goes of my mates 14m kite, on a mountain board, and handled it well, also have a 2 line power kite, than I?ve been messing around on for a few years. Would I need lessons to get me going, or would I be able to just get some sort off instruction video, and save some money there.

All advice, greatly appreciated.

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