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Goya sails W3D 09 - mast?

Posted by zeho 
Goya sails W3D 09 - mast?
22 May '09 | 8:25am
I just bought new Goya W3D sails 4,7 and 5,3 2009 models and would like to know which masts work well on the sails besides original ones?
Regarding original Goya masts, which RDM works better, 75% carbon or 100%? On their site I didn't find any reccomendations...

Thank you for any information,

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Re: Goya sails W3D 09 - mast?
22 May '09 | 12:58pm
I use the Amex rdm 100% skinnys with mine and they work really well.
Re: Goya sails W3D 09 - mast?
24 May '09 | 12:42pm
I use Tekkno Sport Channel RDM 75% and they work really good.

However Neilpryde X- Combat works a bit better because it is more flexible and also lighter.
Re: Goya sails W3D 09 - mast?
17 December '11 | 2:45am
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Re: Goya sails W3D 09 - mast?
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