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Free formula/wide slalom

Posted by Chrisjpj 
Free formula/wide slalom
3 June '06 | 6:41pm
Hi all

I am currently looking at trying to extend my wind range a little into the lighter winds, I currently use an F2 hornet 145 as my large board with an 8m, which works ok, but is as all the tests say it is.... a little sedate, in fact it is more relaxed than my gran after 2 valium and a large G&T. I have a 9.4m Tush Lightening as my biggest sail (largest size I have sailed on to) but dont think this is giving me much advantage with a 74cm wide board.

I am looking to get something which will be a bit more engaging to sail (ie faster with more imediate acceleration) but also works well with the 9.4m and possibly a 10m+ sail. I am considering getting into reaceing at some point but probably not pure formula...

Current contenders are

Exocet- SCross (140ltrs and 81cm wide)
Tiga - Hypercross 130 (80cm wide)
Taboo manta 75 (tried the 68 and loved it some of the time...- but edgy)
Exocet (slalom board- forgot the name)
Starboard Free formula 148 (some people hate it, I loved how high you can sail it, but that 70cm fin is a killer in poole harbour (local spot) or Waymouth at low tide...

Also wondering what the biggest of the isonics is like, 80cm wide so should planne early...but does it?? have sailed S types in the past and really did not think that much of them, bad compromise I thought.

Views or suggestions welcome

Also wondering if any one has tried the F2 Lightening or the Exocet Pacer... they are the wild cards, but a bit out of price range, would be raceable and are proably still fun to sail sub planning conditions....


Re: Free formula/wide slalom
11 June '06 | 2:22pm
Hey, looking at what you have I dont reckon you need to change your sail. 9.4 is way big enough. Budget wise and for ease of sailing why not look into last year or the year befores Starboard Formula board. Take it onto the sea in those light conditions, the sea state will be gentle.

Even the hornet with a bigger fin would be faster maybe you should try that as an ever cheaper option.

I know someone who has an Isonic and loves it.

you must have a super chilled gran.



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