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Seeking Advice

Posted by Nick T 
Nick T
Seeking Advice
16 June '06 | 11:28am

My family will be moving to London (most likely NW or N London) for a couple of years. We are thinking of renting a flat instead of a house.
Generally, do flats in the UK come with basement storerooms? We need storage space for 3 boards + 4 sails + the accesories.
Where is the nearest place to go for windsurfing?


first time buying equipment
23 June '06 | 5:59pm

I am buying equipment for the first time. Just wondered whether if there is a type of progressive board i can buy?? I will be practicing around Bigbury/Salcombe, in the South West so it won't be mirror flat?

Any suggestions would be gratefully apreciated???,

Nick T
Re: Seeking Advice
27 June '06 | 7:01am
Hi Heather,

I was just checking back to see any advise for me especially regarding Qn2.... sad smiley

As for your qns, the choice of boards depends on factors like your weight, your windsurfing ability (have you started using harness and sailing with your feet in the foot-straps?) and what kind of water conditions at Bigbury/Salcombe. As a guide, if your weight is 70kg, add 30 and you will need a board of minimum 100L. You can go for boards with less volume as you get better and as you sail in stronger winds. These days, there are just so many types of intermediate boards to choose from. Try out as many boards as possible before buying. If you are going to buy used boards, do not buy one that is more than 5 years old. There have been lots of development during the last 5 years. Those wide and short boards (eg Free Formula boards) are easier to sail and will cut short your learning curve.



Loads of information there.

Hope this helps.

Re: Seeking Advice
27 June '06 | 9:13am
It depends what sort of flats you are looking for. If it is a big house split into a couple of flats then often you might get a garage or backgarden/shed thing

Im not sure if the bigger flats will have areas to accomadate windsurfing equipment. Some may have some garages but Im not really sure. Options are to get a van and leave kit in and good locks on it, or the other option is to leave kit at your club.

Queen Mary reservoir is probably one of the nearest places to sail, or draycote water.

The NW of London is only 1.5 hours away from Grafham water up the A1 also.

Nick T
Re: Seeking Advice
26 July '06 | 9:17am
Thanks Bobby!

Looks like QM or Draycote would be the place for me to go.

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