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How do you know you are addicted?

Posted by Johnny G 
Johnny G
How do you know you are addicted?
12 July '06 | 5:02am
I thought it would be fun to throw this out to the forum: "How do you know you are addicted?

[1] I sold my house, gave up my job, left my family and friends (all in Sydney) and moved to Perth Western Australia with my wife and cat so I could go windsurfing everyday.

[2] You are talking to someone and you loose track of the conversation because you notice the leaves on the tree are starting to move.

Re: How do you know you are addicted?
12 July '06 | 3:24pm
...or how about...drove into the back of someone while driving past the sea and noticing white caps!!!!
Re: How do you know you are addicted?
12 July '06 | 5:38pm
Went windsurfing instead of going to an A Level exam...
Re: How do you know you are addicted?
13 July '06 | 11:24am
Waking up in menorca each morning with a big ear to ear grin knowing that its going to be a brilliant day of windsurfing. :-)
Johnny G
Re: How do you know you are addicted?
13 July '06 | 12:40pm
I love it!!!! We're a strange breed arn't we?
Johnny G
Re: How do you know you are addicted?
13 July '06 | 12:45pm
On some afternoons I tell my boss I have to leave work early as I have to go and see the Doctor. I then head straight to the beach. You see here in WA the predominant sea breaze is called the "Fremantle Doctor". Therefore technically I am not lying.
Re: How do you know you are addicted?
13 July '06 | 3:51pm
Blown out too many dates to mention, bought a new board instead of instead of a freezer so now we are a fresh food only house - better for the environment that way anyway.
Re: How do you know you are addicted?
27 July '06 | 12:27am
I'm posting this instead of making money editting video on this same computer.
Johnny G
Re: How do you know you are addicted?
1 August '06 | 1:22pm
Hey Mike,

what sort of editing do you do? Is it windsurfing? What country? Reason I ask is that I do a little bit for fun.
Re: How do you know you are addicted?
1 August '06 | 7:58pm
I do all sorts of editing from motorcycle videos to weddings. Windsurfing videos are mainly for fun all though I've done a couple windsurfing event videos, I've moved into the wedding industry so i can work around the wind. I only have to be somewhere 1 or 2 days a week, then I edit when it's not blowing.
I edit on Final Cut Studio. I'm in the US by the way. If you need any tips let me know.

Here I am again posting instead of working,

Re: How do you know you are addicted?
2 August '06 | 9:38am
Same as Huw, sacked off a fair few dates - one word of advice, never tell them you're sacking it off because of windsurfing (on the other hand if they accept that as a valid reason then they could be ideal match)!

Also drove into the back of someone while looking out to sea, like tez!

Love it though, funny also how you feel no remorse as girlfriends sit in the car waiting for you to finish sailing!!!

We've had some pretty nice wind here at Hove (UK) recently, this summer in general's been great for wind. How about you guys?

PS Johnny G I was thinking of living in Perth for a year or so, purely because of the wind and waves. How do you like it compared to East coast?
Johnny G
Re: How do you know you are addicted?
3 August '06 | 7:14am
Khi, I moved across from Sydney just over 1 year ago. In one season here in Perth I have sailed more than in 5 seasons in Sydney.

Fair dinkum, in summer you can set your watch by the Fremantly Doctor (seabreaze). You are guaranteed to sail at least 5 days out of 7.

Lifestyle over here is much more relaxed. Some say like a big country town. I don't know about that but it is definately not as rushed as in Sydney. People over here seem friendlier and are more interested in how much free time you have rather than how much money you have which makes a nice change from the rat race over east.

Mate, you will love it. Just don't tell anyone.
Re: How do you know you are addicted?
20 September '06 | 2:56am
Quitting your job to spend the summer windsurfing...

Not dating because there's no single male windsurfers around... non-windsurfer types just don't seem that interesting ....
James Blackburn
Re: How do you know you are addicted?
17 December '06 | 1:51pm
You go out one day, have an awful sail. When asked if you will be back tomorow - you say 'no way, its too cold now - gonna call it a day untill february or so....' next morning - your out there again.
Re: How do you know you are addicted?
22 December '06 | 9:45am
...how about walking 3 miles to a spot?
Re: How do you know you are addicted?
25 December '06 | 3:25pm
how about i had exam(tennis academy in Sofia)but when i saw the forecast i took the night train(600km) and in the morning i was on the spot.no exam,but who cares....The wife of a surfer wanted to buy new chairs but he said no money.And next day he came with new mast 100 carbon for 350 euro on the beachsmiling smiley
Re: How do you know you are addicted?
4 March '07 | 7:22pm
spend time at your job watching ws videos. Praying every nigth for good winds

talking about your new achievements to your non windsurfers friends

getting angry when is blowing out there and you have to be at the office.

Dreaming about it at least once a week.

When depressed, remember that you still need to learn a lot more of windsurfing before dying

choosing only spot vacations where you can windsurf

buying a new sail the day you don?t have the appropiate one

buying a short board if it is too choopy.

feeling misserable for not being able to gybe

not going out the night before a good wind forecast, and if going out, coming back earlier and not drinking...

talking 1 hour about windsurfing in a first date

spending all your money in neoprene suites, rashguards, etc, and no money for regular clothes

having a rise in your salary and thinking in changing equipment

making your friends come learn with you
Re: How do you know you are addicted?
27 March '07 | 11:01am
I moved down to the coast with wife and kids so I could windsurf more. While the removal men were unloading all the boxes the wind came up. As my kit was strapped to the top of the car seemed a shame to miss out on a surfing oppertunity. Had a great afternoon. My wife was very understanding but has never forgotten about it and occasionlly recalls the episode at dinner parties, it's quite funy to see the other wives reaction "you let him do what!"

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