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F2 RX Board

Posted by frippy 
F2 RX Board
9 February '10 | 12:59pm
Hi wetheads, has anyone sailed or used an F2 RX board Ineed some info please help, Frippy,
Re: F2 RX Board
9 February '10 | 6:11pm
I tried RX 105 (?don't quite remember) and RX 120 this year. Nice and fast boards. If You're not looking for the top slalom performance but You're bored with freeride boards this is the choice for You.
Also the fins suplied with these boards make their job (with bigger sails especially for smaller sails it's good to have another, shorter fin as they can get a bit hard to control while overpowered on smaller sails with the standard fin).
Best to be used with two camber sails like Severn Overdriwe and S-Type from North or no cam sails like for example Severne NCX.
Re: F2 RX Board
10 February '10 | 10:17pm
Hi Jonny, Thanks for the info, Fancy something a bit faster than the 144 Hornet ltd i use now, the 145 RX is alittle faster as i don't want to go full slalom etc. Always had F2 as they seem to be bullit proof. F2 sort of disappeared over the last couple of years with not much press etc. Any way thanks again Colin.
Re: F2 RX Board
11 February '10 | 12:54am
If You're not a heavyweight sailor You should consider buying a 120l RX, It will have better windrange and will also be easier to control in stronger winds and also better for Your knees as the volume of 145 is probably useless by the time You go planning.

Cheers and have fun! smiling smiley

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