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Phil Horrocks - LIVE! from Gran Canaria..... 2010

Posted by Phil Horrocks 
Re: Phil Horrocks - LIVE! from Gran Canaria..... 2010
8 July '10 | 8:41pm
A day and a half's action crammed into a day.... We kicked off the rest of the single elimination this morning, completing a full mens and women's single.. and getting a good portion of the way into the double elimination...

I'm in too dark a place right now to bring you my feelings and thoughts on what i've been through today!, i'll come back to that later! It's better and only right that i bring you the sugar coated good stuff first....

I did mention something yesterday that Old timer Proffitt was back to his slippery best and i just wish i'd put my money where my mouth was on this one... First heat of the day was due to be Proffitt v Kauli and Koester v Lenny but it didn't quite happen like that?
Three jolly windsurfers were waiting for their heat to go into sequence whilst one not so jolly rider was getting a ticking off by the law for speeding! i think they'd been enjoying their breakfast or mornings activities a bit too much and were running a little late, pedal to the metal up the motorway and the blue lights came on, whoops!!

Duncan took the decision to give them a little breathing space and bump the first heat down to fourth of the day, that meant everyone shuffled up a notch and Proffitt had to wait a little longer for his turn at last years world number 2....
Initially a little cheesed off by the decision it actually turned in his favour, he got a bit more practice time and started to land a few things?

The conditions for all the riders today were tough, a fairly strong wind was paired with head high waves at times and quite a choppy sea, it made it pretty tough going.. With the wind up, the heats were shortened to around 12 minutes, it meant you had just enough time to get a couple of rides and a couple of jumps without too much pressure not to fall.
Proffitt was, as i said, back to his slippery best, getting a couple of jumps in the bank and piecing together the best rides i've seen him do since he's been coming here, well, one was very good at least. Ben made his backside 360 on the wave and a couple of backside turns, finishing off with a taka almost onto the beach at the end, critical was his timing as he did this whilst Kauli was having a bit of a moment, he'd crashed his jumps and was flaming a ride just as Proffitt was turning it on, so it looked to all the beach he was clearly the better sailor...
Kauli wasn't done and came back with a nice tweaked pushy and a table forward to match Ben's backloop and equally tweaked pushy, he was still scratching around for a decent first ride when Proffit caught his second decent scoring wave and pulled a frontside 360 out of the white water to put the nail in the brazilians coffin! Nice work Proffitt!!
Kauli didn't look too pleased but it's not over yet, he'll be on the charge in the double elimination for sure!

Ben went on to face Koester in the next round but his skills didn't quite get him through, despite better waves than Philip, Ben knew it was over when Koester landed a perfect stalled double forward right in front of him as he was coming in... it was pretty easily the best jump of the round and Ben didn't have too much to come back at him with after that!! A good effort but not quite enough for two upsets in one day...

It was all going pretty much to the form book with the exception of local Marcos Perez kicking out Volwater and Voget, before being stopped by koester, the old dog was ripping!
Dario did some spanish killing, taking out Jonas Ceballos and Alex Mussolini, who didn't look best pleased? i thought he'd sailed well and was unlucky to go out..
Brawzi upset Swifty and Ricardo on his way to the bottom half of the final four, where he met Victor Fernandez for a shot at the final...

It was the final we all thought would happen but not the result we all thought would happen, which was kinda cool to see. Victor was sailing pretty averagely for him prior to the contest but he seems to have stepped it right up since the flag's have come out..
He's been sailing brilliantly in his heats and the final was right up there with the best of the day, he must have changed something in his sails over the winter or been away and practiced a bit because he's got his whip back into his doubles and he nailed some to rival koester..

Koester on the other hand had looked dangerous prior to the heats but when it came to the crunch he just seemed a bit off the pace (the pace he has set in the past i'll add) he was almost a bit lethargic and not really on his game? perhaps the difficult conditions slowed him down a bit? his jumping scores are always busting out off the page, but when it's tough his riding isn't all that amazing, like today, and Victor was the deserved winner.. hat's off to you old bean...

Daida did the usual and creamed it in the women's, with the exception of her sister in the final the only one to anywhere near challenge her.. isn't it about time there were some more powerful women wave sailors coming through to challenge them, these two will still be lifting trophies in Pozo in 20 years time unless somebody like Sarah Quita Offringa decides to get into waves.. maybe she will?

With a spare hour or two and to set up for the grand stand finish tomorrow, Dunc started running the double elimination this evening, keen to get through some heats today we were cast out to do battle in a total chopfest! It was the most difficult conditions you can get in Pozo i thought? one wave every 5 to 10 minutes and soooooo choppy it was unbelievable, with only 8 minute heats it was pressure stuff, you can't risk a fall or it's over red rover!

I came unstuck to french ripper Jules Denel, he's fast becoming my nemesis!! twice in two comps he's done me in the double elimination, i didn't really help myself though and did well to bite my tongue of a few choice words i wanted to deliver to the head judge after the heat for putting us through that garbage!

It's all set up for a big day of competition tomorrow and all the boys will be fired up to get stuck in... again Proffitt's supposed to be first up... so we'll be up bright and early breakfasting as skippers is at 8.00 with a first possible start at 8.15
Now i'm out of the contest, I'll try grab a quick session in the morning but i imagine i'll be cheering on the team mates and bringing you lot anything i find interesting to write about...

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Re: Phil Horrocks - LIVE! from Gran Canaria..... 2010
8 July '10 | 8:45pm
Lady of the Manor Wrote:
> Go proffit, skye and swift!!! Old man Proffit
> beating Seadi, we ll never hear the end of it now!

I'm quite glad he did win! maybe he can change the record from when he lost to ..... by half a point!!!........ half a point??!!! HALF A POINT!!!! ....... he's happy now though! smiling smiley
Re: Phil Horrocks - LIVE! from Gran Canaria..... 2010
9 July '10 | 11:46am
A busy morning here in Pozo, the double elimination is in full swing.

Swifty was on the charge taking his fight up to 6th before losing to the biggest charger of the day Ricardo Campello. Ricardo's up now against Dario and looks to be styling it!

It's not all smiles around the beach though, there's a few unhappy spaniards, Jonas blew a gasket after Ricardo knocked him out.. we heard he was pretty vocal so it wouldn't surprise me if he gets a fine from the tour manager...
Alex Musso was another suprise knockout, he did go down to Swift though who is in fire!

It wasn't all easy for Swift in truth, he did have to re-sail a heat against Skye after snaking his wave "allegedly". It didn't bother swift, confidence is up and he's nailing the moves! a man with serious hunger!

Skye got to face Swift in the first place by a gift from Antxon, who was in too much pain to sail the heat after pulling his toe nail off during a double forward in practice!! quality injury!!

Result just in! Campello's through... good lad, he's looking to go all the way, next heat against Koester should be awesome.... well, it would be more awesome if there were some waves around! looking not so good right now? It is the last day and it's push push push for a double elimination result....

Scoring today by the way is 10 minute heats, 1 wave with a score of x 3 and 2 jumps with a score of x 2, add em up and you have a winner.... or that's how it's supposed to work!

Re: Phil Horrocks - LIVE! from Gran Canaria..... 2010
9 July '10 | 1:35pm
It's a smidgeon better than earlier and they're back on! Campello taking on Koester, it's going to be a mega jump off!!

Re: Phil Horrocks - LIVE! from Gran Canaria..... 2010
9 July '10 | 1:55pm
It's pretty flat but they're busting out some stunts now!!

Campello with an insane double, and a massive forward, he's having an incredible heat!

I think Koester's done the business on him now though, it's not official but everyone on the beach thinks its Koester, a huge double followed be a pretty decent pushloop forward, it looked clean enough from where we are!!

The wave rides are not the best we've seen but i think that's more due to the lack of waves... they're still going for all the stunts though, 360's, taka's the works!

There's no time for hanging around, it's do or die out there!

I bet Victor's feeling awfully precarious at the top of the tree today, Koester's put the willy's up him! He'll have to sail out of his skin to hang on to this one!

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Sat watching the Pozo fight on the ticker at work for 2 days. Awesome stuff especially exciting when the internet in Pozo goes down at any time!! That said PWA doing a great job of keeping us informed and you too mate.

Sorry to hear its not going to well for you Phil but overall you boys are all doing us Brits proud. Were all watching with interest and pride as you all look like you are fighting hard for it. Now if we can just get the England football team as inspired!

Talking of which it does sound more and more like a German double!...or will Fernandez do a Holland!!!?

Well done Brits

Nigel BWA
Re: Phil Horrocks - LIVE! from Gran Canaria..... 2010
9 July '10 | 2:31pm
It's a re - sail...

Koester wins

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Re: Phil Horrocks - LIVE! from Gran Canaria..... 2010
9 July '10 | 3:07pm
Ok, here's what happened....

I watched the re-sail of the final and decided to write down the moves and have a go at judging it all myself.. Now it is just my opinion, i try and be as impartial as possible.... I'm not a PWA judge but i'm a PWA sailor and have seen a fair few results in my time... What i see is not necessarily what happens as judges can have funny shaped glasses that make them see things just a shade differently!!

In my book the re-sail final went down as follows....

3 jumps factor x 2
2 Waves factor x 3

Victor's jump sheet:
Double Forward 12
Tweaked Pushy 9.5
Backloop 8.5

Total = 30 x 2 = 60 points

Koester's jump sheet:
Double Forward 12
Backloop 1hand 9
Big Forward 8.5

Total = 29.5 x 2 = 59 points

Victor's Wave sheet:
nice ride of wave with Shaka & Taka 8
ride with Goita and Shaka 8.5

Total = 16.5 x 3 = 49.5

Koester's Wave sheet:
Powerful Goita and Taka on wave 9.0
Sloppy ride and 360 in the white water mush 7.5

Total = 16.5 x 3 = 49.5

Add them all up and i get:

Victor 109.5 points
Koester 108.5 points

Victor Wins!!!

Now that's just my opinion, it's down to the 5 blokes in the porta cabin on the beach to cast their votes, either way, it's tight, one hell of a second final!!!

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Re: Phil Horrocks - LIVE! from Gran Canaria..... 2010
9 July '10 | 3:18pm
Incidentally i scored the first final:

Victor 102
Koester 93.5

show's what i think!!!

tense wait for the results...

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I reckon Victor
Re: Phil Horrocks - LIVE! from Gran Canaria..... 2010
9 July '10 | 3:24pm

maybe i am a better judge than i thought!!

mmm.... Maybe BWA will have a new Judge when you retire from competing?

By the way, my prediction of Victor winning was based on 2 things:

1. From watching the little black dots on the webcam which update every 30 seconds!
2. The live ticker came in with the result before you could upload yours!

Great commentary and kept us all entertained and well informed.

Many thanks Phil.

See you soon.

Superb coverage Phil! I was gutted when the ticker came through with your results. It's the first time I've spent three solid days glued to the monitor checking out your reports, insider comments and live updates - not as good a being there, but the next best thing and way better than waiting to read about it in a few weeks time. If it's any consolation to the guys out there - Redcar beach wasn't seeing any decent wave action either these past three days!!

Ciao Bru
Re: Phil Horrocks - LIVE! from Gran Canaria..... 2010
10 July '10 | 8:39pm
By the way, today is the spanish championships here in GC, Victor won the single elimination against Jonas Ceballos before the wind died....

Here are the actual score sheets from the PWA Final, i was bang on for Victors score.....

Now it's time to fly out of here and get back to sunny wales!!

So, thanks to everyone who read the blog again and hopefully i'll bump into you at a beach somewhere nice soon!

That's all folks.......!!!

Phil Horrocks


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