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Ezzy Article - Whats that about?

Posted by Concerned 
Ezzy Article - Whats that about?
9 July '10 | 9:58pm
Just having a look through the mag and clicked on the story for the Ezzy Egg Timer, and I'm confused. Whats that all about?! Did Ezzy pay for this advert or is it a tie in as Jem is doing some articles for Boardseeker? Where's the relevance in this as a story?

Nothing against Jem or Ezzy, pretty good product and I like the philosophy, but just feel theres a place for these blatant sales pitches and PR releases and second in line in the "this week" news column perhaps isn't the best place for this. Is this the start of MPORA sloppy journalism?

Keep it real Boardseeker!
Re: Ezzy Article - Whats that about?
11 July '10 | 1:04pm
Really pathetic
Re: Ezzy Article - Whats that about?
11 July '10 | 9:35pm
fairs fair, with many of the other brands about to launch 2011 kit half way through 2010 do you not think they are about to get a load of free infomercial space? will you complain when they get coverage? did it bother you Tushingham got coverage the other week? to be honest i am no fan of this launching next years kit half way through the current year so i'm happy that the sensible lot get a little bit of support
Re: Ezzy Article - Whats that about?
11 July '10 | 10:54pm
ZOZ - Thank you. Apologies if you thought I was being too harsh.

ANON - I see your point, and forums being forums (and a reason why I don't like them and don't bother posting) I think you misunderstand what I'm trying to say. Basically I think there's better things to cover than an infomercial in the news. For the record, I've got nothing against any brand promoting its wares. Ezzy and every other brand can sell whenever they like, January 2011 or August 2010, and good luck to them. No matter when its released, it'll always be the wrong time for somebody. For the record I met David once and he's a lovely man. My point being is there's a time and a place for PR and in the middle of the front page news section in my mind is pretty lazy journalism when we've just had the first decent bit of wind in an age, the first and perhaps only decent wave event of 2010 (Pozo), and there's a (new?) event up and running in Hunstanton which may be of some interest to people. In other words, maybe theres better things to broadcast! Maybe it's just me, but I'd sooner read about whats happening in windsurfing, rather than PR releases. I believe the previous owner of this magazine took a similar belief, but I may be wrong.

Anyway, just so people don't think I'm being too pathetic, and again apologies if you do, here's some ideas of better stories for the news section that I can think of from the last week:
- The Horrocks forum updates from Pozo have been absolute gold, but why not compile that into a timeline piece and add a few pictures/videos (which are all in the daily news bites ready to go?)
- A quick guide to Hunstanton. I believe the BWA were over there this weekend, and the freestyle guys? Quick round up of the local spots, where to stay, who's tipped to win, theres heaps of angles you can go on this.
- If the Ezzy/Tushingham/Whatever brands next 'article' has to go in the mag, why not put some sort of comparison thing in there against other brands? Or a mini review? Maybe balance it out a bit?
- With the recent wind, a local round up of wheres been good, and throw some pictures/video in. West Coast of Ireland has been firing and theres a bunch of good pics kicking about at the moment from over their.
- Ben Proffitt beat Kauli early in the week, and then went on to give Koster a run for his money. Maybe a few words from the man himself and how he did that, and whats next? Surely thats more interesting!
- Ant Baker. That blog is a great read, and has caused some upset. A few words from Ant on his background, the blog, and maybe even an exclusive story? That boy should write a book on his life. I remember once seeing him testing with Willy Blauw back in the Arrows days and me and a few friends where just starting to nail spocks on the Swan River in Aus. The man just cruises back into the beach on his freeride gear, sees us and throws a perfect one handed spoke. Back of the net. Much more interesting than dissecting a range of sails.

Theres loads of good things happening in windsurfing now, but it's like the journo didn't give a shit when that piece got thrown in.

Anyway, I've spent far to long dissecting this and you probably have reading this. Thank you and goodnight.
Re: Ezzy Article - Whats that about?
12 July '10 | 8:08am
I see what your getting at Concerned, there could have been better use of space while the biggest event of the year is on. Just look at the coverage you get on the Dirt (sister mtb mag) site while a world cup is on. Id love to see even more stuff off Alfie on the video side. His videos are the high light of the mag...
Also, whats the big deal with kit coming out in August? It always has pretty much. It fits in with our windy season too. Is it that important?
Re: Ezzy Article - Whats that about?
12 July '10 | 2:54pm
Pure controversey!
Re: Ezzy Article - Whats that about?
13 July '10 | 6:26am
It’s doesn’t mean the same and people only want to fight with other.

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