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Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
7 September '10 | 10:09am
Sorry meant to say its a JP!!
Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
9 September '10 | 11:43am
Thanks for giving this information.
Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
10 September '10 | 6:13pm

I've got a FULL on WAVE quiver of 2010 Simmer MISSION in Blue for sale:

4.0 Simmer Mission 2010 - MINT condition
4.5 Simmer Mission 2010 - Very Good condition (small - 3cm tire in mast luff)
5.0 Simmer Mission 2010 - MINT condition

Price TBC! PLease contact me for more details! Also listed in BS Classifieds!

Good luck and see you on the water!

Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
10 September '10 | 8:25pm
Goya 2010 81l twin fin for sale. Great board complete with MFC fins/ footstaps and will chuck in a 10mm surfboard bag - £650. PM me for pictures. Pickup from Guildford or possible delivery to south coast beaches
Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
15 September '10 | 12:49pm
Simmer Blacktip 2010 5.4 and 6.0 £255 each


RRD TwinTip Ltd V2 100ltr 2010 - £690 (small repair on nose deck and some rail scuffs.)

07738280369 or stickyhairbrush at hotmail dot com
Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
15 September '10 | 12:52pm
Hi I have a 2007 fanatic new wave if your interested £400 o.n.o

mint condition.

Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
15 September '10 | 1:59pm
forgot to say the new wave is 74l
Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
16 September '10 | 6:30pm
I am selling my 2010 Tempo 84 Premium, its in perfect nick, remember you can get away with more volume on a twinny as they are so loose
Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
27 September '10 | 10:33am
I quite agree with surfferich; if only there were a "wanted" section in the classifieds. I'm after a Demon 7.5 race sail, and there must be plenty unused out there now the nationals are all on 9.5, but how to find out where other than a site like this?
Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
9 October '10 | 3:33am
What volume is the fanatic wave? I'm looking for a a heavy sailor's <a href="[www.windsurf-board.net] board</a>.
Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
9 October '10 | 9:15am
Got an 09 Starboard Flare 88, bought new only a few months ago

and a 2010 Starboard Quad 66l also only a few months old!

Contact me for details on ryanoleary832@hotmail.com,

boards are needed for quick sale so reasonable offers will be considered.
Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
9 October '10 | 11:44pm
Got a few bits for sale:

Gaastra 430cm SDM Fusion 30% Carbon Mast: £75 (bag +£10)

RRD 2008 95L Freestyle Wave Board: A+ condition: £500 (no Bag)

RRD 2010 Twintip 100L Freestyle Board: B condition (2 visible but pro repairs): £800 (no bag)

Arrows Boom Bag (holds up to 5 booms end-to-end): A+ condition but a bit grubby despite a clean from me: £40

North Natural 2009 Orange Sail: A+ condition, sailed 6 times, with original bags, tags and batten key: £250

Shipping @ £12 on mast, bag, sail, @ £24 on boards, packed well in polythene, bubble, polystyrene, card-boxed. Collection FOC.

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Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
12 October '10 | 2:04am
New 2011 Rrd Wavetwin 90 Limited edition. Never used
Cm 235x60x90lt.
$1100 US plus shipping.
Ships from North Carolina
Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
11 November '10 | 1:59pm
I have advertised this before, it is in fantastic condition, but sitting in the garage collecting dust, I need another mast and would rather this was getting used on the water by someone. If you are interested please email or call me, details through website www.k517.com and make an offer. You might just get a bargain. It is a super powerful sail quick to get going and easy to manouver.
Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
17 November '10 | 8:08pm
Quiver of SIMMER Mission 2010 in BLUE!

4.0 - MINT Condition £239
4.5 - Very Good Condition (small tire on the luff - 2cm) £209
5.0 - MINT Condition £239

All listed also on BS Classifieds

For more info please drop me an email twister89@wp.pl or call 07780116856.
Southern Surf
Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
18 November '10 | 10:53am
2007 Fanatic Freewave 86 in immaculate condition - £400

Comes with board bag and 25cm fin. The board has been sailed less than 10 times since new, really in fantastic condition.

I'm in London, can meet near Brighton or Kent too.
Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
21 November '10 | 10:59pm
99P clear out - sails 5.3, 5.0, 4.7 and 3.7

apologies for the pimp but clearing out the shed - have a selection of Severne Gator s1 and blade wave sails 5.3 Gator , 5.0 S1 , 4.7 and 3.7 blade - [shop.ebay.co.uk]
Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
28 November '10 | 2:28pm
Apologies for the pimp but 99p auction ends this evening (sunday 27 Nov) between 8 and 9PM 5.3, 5.0, 4.7 and 3.7 all less than £100 - [shop.ebay.co.uk]
Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
28 November '10 | 7:22pm
BMF Wrote:
> I am selling my 2010 Tempo 84 Premium, its in
> perfect nick, remember you can get away with more
> volume on a twinny as they are so loose

Hi-I guess your board is long gone now. If it's still available give me a call on 07775931715
Re: Equipment for sale/ wanted
12 January '11 | 5:30pm
RRD Wave Swallow 78 2005, 233cm x 55cm ... £315 ono

this board was clearly ahead of it's time in the fin stakes. get some multi fin sailing for a bargain price ...!

board is in good condition for its age. has some bumps and scratches from the beach, a couple of which i've dabbed arraldite on just to be safe, but no proper dings and no repairs.

at 75kg i've used it as a one board wave quiver and its has happily taken everything from 3.7 upto 5.5, with 4.2/4.7 the sweet spot. the extra volume doesn't go amiss in the usual gusty wind you get when its sub 4.0, but it doesn't feel too big then either.

it comes with unused daKine/RRD straps, MFC 20.5cm fin and 2x kite fin thrusters.

i'd say the Boards test below is pretty spot on ... it really turns very tightly and when you get it right on a big wave the top turn is amazing!

i'm in North London but can courier or maybe meet up on the south coast if it's windy.

can email more/larger pics if wanted.

Boardseeker MiniTest



Test Report Style and Size

Very much a new generation shape (wide and short) but with a relatively narrow tail and an unusual fin set up with a thruster on each rail either side of the main fin.


Its main strength is the ability to perform sharp, tight turns in very small spaces giving it an almost unparalleled ability to work away at small awkward shaped (generally onshore) waves in finding lips to bash and jump off. Its great fun even in mushy small surf which would be uninspiring on many other waveboards. It possesses average speed and grip for sailing around the break, not as good as a conventional board, but better than many of the new-style boards and the three fin set up gives it good upwind performance when sailed tipped over on the rails, wakeboard style. It is also a good performer in the air, feeling compact and agile. The board rides flat and with good side-to-side stability, making it an easy board to sail, and it remains controlable in tougher conditions. the straps and pads are extremely comfortable, particularly with bare feet.


It is not the best at either holding a rail in longer, faster, drawn out turns or in breaking out through the white water in larger surf - RRD DISPUTE THIS - ITS WHAT THE BOARD DOES BEST, ACCORDING TO RRD!!!, and the wide low nose has a tendency to catch the lip of a wave in take off for jumps. DELETE The narrower tail and three fin set up doesnt feel ideal for sliding freestyle. It also doesnt quite ride waves with the same degree of looseness and float over the white water sections that some of the other new generation boards deliver.


The well designed thrusters fit securely, and add an extra option to the boards performance, giving it a real (thruster) surfboard feel which accounts for its agility in small waves. (the fins giving extra bite and grip). The RRD recommended setup in bigger surf is to do without the thrusters, as they do tend to slow the board down slightly.)

A good general purpose waveboard with unusually tight and satisfying turning in small to medium surf. The slightly experimental three fin design and unusual volume distribution result in a board with strong qualities and a unique character. Its more versatile than most new generation shapes, and was popular with the team. Best suited as a medium and high wind waveboard for average weight sailors (for use with 4.0-5.3)


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