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Staying on at speed

Posted by Al 
Staying on at speed
19 August '06 | 11:04am
During the year,I have finally got enough bottle to go out in stronger winds like 17to23Knots. I only sail in harbours with fairly flat water. The board I use is normally a Mistral Flow 96Litre 265Cm with a 5.5 Sail for 17Kn up to 22Kn and a 5 Mtr for anything over. I am 5'5" tall and weigh 65Kg. Somebody suggested the Flow has a bit too much volume for me. Im just thinking they might have a point since in these kind of conditions,it goes so fast that whenever I hit anything vaguely resembling a wave, I become unhooked and the mastfoot pressure goes and I end up losing my grip with disasterous consequences.There is no point me progressing to the open sea until I have got around this.
What I cant work out is am I just too overpowered or is it the Board size? or am I making some daft mistake ?
Has any one reading this got any comments apart from the fact that its a bit long and boring? Im in a rut, definately. Allthe best, Al.
Re: Staying on at speed
2 October '06 | 12:24pm
i'm similar stats to you and use similar gear, and also had that problem, until i realised that as soon as i came unhooked to really lean / push down on the boom with the front hand, it really keeps the board down and under control. also maybe higher boom / shorter lines means less unintentional unhooking.

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