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Tiree "offshore" windfarm

Posted by tireesurfing 
Tiree "offshore" windfarm
15 February '11 | 2:31pm
For those of you who do not already know Scottish Power Renewables (wholly owned by Spanish giants Ibebrola) are planning to build a massive wind farm just off the coast of the Isle of Tiree, Scotland.
This development will not be like anything ever seen before, the turbines will be taller than any land mark or building currently on the island (up to 250m high and up to 500 of them). Not only will this have a huge impact on Tiree but will effect the whole country with increased electricity bills due to the cost of production and a stealth "green tax" which subsidise these developments. Do not allow yourself to be fooled into thinking that these developments are good for the environment, you just need to look at the areas in China where they mine the minerals for making the magnets to see what damage is being done, this is before you factor in all the concrete and steel needed. The technology they are planning on using is already obsolete, Statoil in Norway have developed a floating wind turbine that does not damage to sea bed in quite the same way. This technology is available NOW!!
Please check out the No Tiree Array website www.no-tiree-array.org.uk and join our cause on Facebook www.causes.com/causes/569431 if you want your voice to be heard.
Your support would be greatly appreciated, thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Re: Tiree "offshore" windfarm
5 June '11 | 11:32am
Hear Here! The threat from these windfarm proposals cannot be underestimated... as previously discussed, wind farms are a complete con, don't generate much electricity and destroy the natural environment. Don't become complacent and keep up the fight to stop them ruining Tiree.
Re: Tiree "offshore" windfarm
12 September '11 | 9:17am
For those of you yet to be convinced about the great wind farm con there was a very comprehensive article in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph. You can read it here: [www.telegraph.co.uk]

Don't be complacent and don't let the idiots that purport to run this country ruin Tiree forever. Sign up to voice your opposition at www.no-tiree-array.org.uk
Re: Tiree "offshore" windfarm
12 September '11 | 10:43am
Hi Stuart,

Thanks for highlighting that very informative article. Hopefully when people realise how the finances of these ridiculous windfarms work they will be less keen on them! Its simple maths, we pay a s**t load more for our electricity while the fat cats from Ibedrola get rich from us. Is this something that electricity customers will be happy with?

On a lighter note, see you for a couple of pints at this years TWC!!

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