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Windsurfer Buddy

Posted by monoplankton 
Windsurfer Buddy
21 February '11 | 9:17pm
Recently we have started manufacturing Windsurfer Buddy which I think you might be interested in? It is a twin wheeled trolley capable of carrying windsurfing equipment up to 80 Kilo’s, to and from a location weather it’s a car, van or simply your home to the beach.
There are 3 main areas where Windsurfer Buddy will appeal:
Local windsurfers living local to a beach but still using their car as transport.
Students or persons of low income without their own transport.
People wishing to windsurf in different locations however vehicle access is limited.

The Windsurfer buddy is unique in design due to it dismantling into its own carrying bag, weighting less than 6 kilo’s and fully portable.

We have a web site with all the details of this trolley and if you have interest in this product you can either reply to the mail or use the enquiry form from the web site. [www.windsurferbuddy.uwclub.net]
Any body interested letme know

E Mail: sales.wbb@uwclub.net

Re: Windsurfer Buddy
23 February '11 | 8:47am
these look very nice. i am living 200 miles from the sea and this look like a very good good cheap alternativ to buying an expensive trailor. Can they do 80 mph and how long do you think they would last?
Re: Windsurfer Buddy
24 February '11 | 1:09pm
Glad you like it. Unfortunately there's a disclaimer about using on public roads.
Re: Windsurfer Buddy
18 April '11 | 10:14pm
This is what I've been looking around for, for ages now and I'm glad that someone has done it I think it's a really cool idea. I live in Southampton and not to far from some nice spots but most days can't get there because I don't drive and when I do get days off when it's windy my misses is working so I think that I may be getting one from you in the not to distant future, all I need now is a bike? Lol smiling smiley

It's such a cool idea dude see you on the water!


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