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Q's about Freestyleboard & Sails

Posted by Freewind 
Q's about Freestyleboard & Sails
26 February '11 | 9:44pm

As I am progressing further I want to learn freestyle windsurfing.
Here comes the problem:
I am considering to get a fanatic skate 2010, maybe 100l or 110l, for which one should I decide?
Which sail should I use? I thought about a 6.5 and a 5.0 sail for stronger wind.

About me:
6' 1" tall (186cm) and ~78kg
Re: Q's about Freestyleboard & Sails
27 February '11 | 12:21am
at 78kgs get an 100L unless you live inland and are desparate to pump about on a lake with a 6m. Don't go much bigger than 6m at max. I am 83kgs 5.7 gets me going in 15kn on a 100l not bothered if its less than 15k. no one with goodtechnec needs bigger than a 6m unless they want to go fast i.e. blast, formula etc or are 90kgs+
Re: Q's about Freestyleboard & Sails
27 February '11 | 11:05am
I agree totally with gf. Unless you'd want to use it for lightwind freestyle, semi-planing tricks etc. Personally i use a freemove mistral synchro 115l, with sails from 5.3 to 7.0, fin 34 cm, sweetspot 5 bft / 6.5 sqm. (I'm 1.98 m and 82 kgs.) With the smaller sails comes a much smaller fin.

best regards
Adam Sims
Re: Q's about Freestyleboard & Sails
28 February '11 | 12:15am

Yeh the best size sails would be a 5.8 and a 4.9 this should cover most wind ranges for you. A 100l should be perfect. I highly recommend the RRD Twintip, it is widely known as the freestyle board of choice for learning new moves. It has a thick wedge tail with lots of volume in for early planning and great for stability in light wind freestyle moves. The volume in the tail is also great for sliding on. It was this board that helped me learn my first vulcans and spocks right up to all the advanced moves I'm pushing to land today.

In terms of sails the RRD Superstyle is the perfect choice as it compliments the board very well, it has a light weight feel about it and very small outhaul adjustments really alter it's range of use. Pulling on an inch or so is great for strong winds and letting it off is great for the light winds and they look great on the water.

You should find plenty of information on it all here:
- www.robertoriccidesigns.com - for the equipment
- www.seaspritesports.com - for your closest retailer
- www.mpora.com (type in 'adam sims' in the search box) for a few videos on the gear - (sorry for the shameless plug)

Good luck and enjoy,
Adam Sims
Re: Q's about Freestyleboard & Sails
28 February '11 | 12:18am
also just noticed that your height and weight are the same as mine so the 100l twintip should be perfect and I just remembered I have a 2010 4.9 for sale if you are interested? (email: adam.k669@live.co.uk)

Re: Q's about Freestyleboard & Sails
28 February '11 | 2:07am
I wonder if he is sponsored by RRD, hmmmm ;p 100l should be uphaulable for you though, so id say you should be able to go out in <4 as well, but i think light wind starts well before 4knts... formulas need 8knts ish top start going, anything less then 12-15 ish is pretty light by most people's standards on a windsurfing board... but sure, with some practice you should be able to wobble out in now wind whatsoever winking smiley
Adam Sims
Re: Q's about Freestyleboard & Sails
28 February '11 | 12:08pm
Might be.... winking smiley
Re: Q's about Freestyleboard & Sails
26 August '11 | 9:50am
In my opinion you should use 5.0 sail.

Re: Q's about Freestyleboard & Sails
26 August '11 | 10:11am
I am 187cm and about 85kg. I use the Skate 2010 110L Team edition - great board. However, I use it at lake garda (i.e. no salt walter = slightly bigger board) with 4.2 - 5.7 but mainly 5.3. I agree with the others: do not go bigger than 5.7 / 5.8 for freestyle.

The advantage of a bigger board is that you may use a smaller sail on it to get planning. I believe that for 90% for freestyle moves the additional 10L are not a disadvantae and the move becomes easier with a smaller sail. On the other hand, the moves might be not as radical as they could be with a smaller board.

Regarding the brands I am sure that Fanatic, RRD, JP, Starboard, etc. all produce very good boards so the retail price matters. I compared the sizes of Fanactic,RRD and JP some time ago and realized that they all were identical re lenght, width and volume, etc.. Sure there may be super small differences with double ultra xyz concaves, but will any normal surfer feel a difference?
Re: Q's about Freestyleboard & Sails
28 August '11 | 1:22pm
I use a mistral joker 99ltr 2009 and a cut down fin around 19cm and my biggest sail is 5.3 manic from 06 works well in 17knots at rutland but then i am a light wieght 70kg i would recommened shoping around for maybe some older sails on the cheap 08 and up just to try out a few sizes

Re: Q's about Freestyleboard & Sails
29 August '11 | 3:38am
stylomat you are right for the average person learning freestyle they won't notice a big difference. I always maintain that if you are going to land the move properly you would be able to do it on any of the freestyle boards (except maybe starboard freesex)

but yeah the RRD is known as the cheat stick due to being able to claim moves (usually invovles waterstarting out of them hah)


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