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Help please - returning to windsurfing after a 6 year break

Posted by Rooster 
Help please - returning to windsurfing after a 6 year break
16 April '11 | 8:23am
Hi everyone

Used to be a pretty fanatical windsurfer and gave it up 6 years ago when I 'moved inland' , took up triathlon and haven't really thought about windsurfing since then apart from a couple of holidays where I've just hired kit for the day. I was a pretty decent standard back then, sailing in waves confidently.

Went to the beach in North Wales last weekend and Im just bitten by the bug again. Problem is I sold all my kit years ago and haven't been keeping up with kit developments since then.

Been having a look at kit reviews and it's obvious that boards have changed a lot in that time - they're a lot shorter and wider than they used to be.

So I've got a few questions for you -

Kit - is it possible to have just one board and two sails these days? I used to own a 105L Mistral Flow and a 75L Starboard Acid, and between the two (and a quiver of 4.5, 5.3, 6.0, 7.0) I used to be able to sail pretty much every day I wanted. But obviously now times have changed and I'll be a weekend warrior -

I'm wondering if one of these new wider boards will do the trick? Maybe a startboard evo, kode or kombat around 85 - 95L? What's the difference between those three boards?
And, say, a 5.5 and a 4.7? Would this give me enough bouyancy to get out into waves on slightly lighter wind days when its onshore but theres a nice wave (I'll probably be sailing mainly at Rhosneigr and Hells Mouth, but family live up near the sea near Fleetwood so that's an option too) - but still be able to bump and jump when it gets windy....

I know that back in the day, I knew that I needed two boards and four sails, used to use the Flow to float out into the waves when there was very little wind and just have fun, but it was obviously very unsuited to the job. ...

so advice, please!
What weight are you? Assuming you are 75-80kgs, then as a one board solution a modern 85l board is probably a reasonable bet, although if you are a touch lighter and/or a only travelling on the good days then you might just want to get a 75l and just accept that you'll need a bit of a blow to make it worth your while.

4.7 + 5.5 probably okay for an 85l, but if you are just buying kit for the good days then I'd go 4.2 / 4.7.

Obviously, you'll get hopelessly addicted again and will soon have 3 boards, 5/6 sails, etc... smiling smiley
Re: Help please - returning to windsurfing after a 6 year break
17 April '11 | 7:33am
Hi, I weigh in at just under 70kg - so a 75l board would be fine if it was windy. It's all a compromise when you're only planning to get one board I suppose.

And I know what I'm like - if I get back into it and really enjoy it then I'll be off buying more kit all the time, like I did with triathlon.

Thanks for the answer, Craig

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