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WHere to sail living in south Manchester?

Posted by Rooster 
WHere to sail living in south Manchester?
16 April '11 | 8:26am
Hi there

Used to live by the sea in the north east, been living in south Manchester for a few years now - thinking of getting back into windsurfing and was looking for advice on places to sail

Anyone out there live in a similar area and have any tiips for me? Obviously theres Rhosneigr 2 hours drive away, Fleetwood/Cleveleys an hour away - is there anywhere else you'd recommend? I'd even consider some lake sailing if theres anywhere up in the hills that gets windy - just wondering if there's any secret spots around that I don't know about and would be less than an hours drive? Although I suspect not, and if I want to sail I might be heading to Rhosneigr a lot...
Re: WHere to sail living in south Manchester?
16 April '11 | 1:09pm
Hey pal, I live around south Manchester and sail a fair bit. There's plenty of good windsurfing.
If you want to give me an email ill give advise more and let you know when/where's best for a session.

charlie gilman 1993 (@) gmail (dot) com
plenty of sailing along the north wales coast, prestatyn, west shore llandudno, llanfairfechan, it usually always better at rhosniegr though.

So looks like you'll be joining the masses that already head over from that way on a windy day.
Re: WHere to sail living in south Manchester?
17 April '11 | 1:55pm
Hi there,
I live near south manchester and if you dont know about it west kirby on the wirral is a great place for windsurfing especially if your into speed/freestyle but when the tide is in can be good for waves too. Usually quite alot of wind and only about 1hr ish from manchester.
Re: WHere to sail living in south Manchester?
17 April '11 | 7:30pm
Thanks for the replies everyone

I guess Rhossy it is then.

Knew about west kirby on the lake, but I didn't know there was bump and jump / waves there at high tide. Interesting.

What wind direction do you need there for waves? north westerly, presumably?
Alex S
Re: WHere to sail living in south Manchester?
17 April '11 | 10:00pm
Leasowe on the North coast of the Wirral is good for some windysmurfing, some waves ands closer than Rhossy!
Re: WHere to sail living in south Manchester?
18 April '11 | 11:49am
try watergrove resovoir in rochdale,
average conditions but it gets you out on the water,
you need to be a member or get a day pass tho
its probably the closest place around,although im not good at mancunian geograph smiling smiley
Re: WHere to sail living in south Manchester?
19 April '11 | 9:30am
Well on the tide at kirby the waves are usually onshore and pretty good if its windy (20knots ish) but the most common direction at kirby is south westerly to north westerly and the tide is good in most of those directions. might want to check tide hight though because if its below about 7.5 its not really worth it as it will not be in for long and you will have a long walk back to the car park after. Its perfect bump and jump though if its 8 or more
Hope this helps...

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