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Windsurfing croupiers.

Posted by sparrow 
Windsurfing croupiers.
19 April '11 | 9:35am
I started my new job as a croupeir last year now and haven't had as much time on the water as I'd liked to be having due to working hours mostly nights and weekends, and because I still don't drive it's hard to get to the beach when I do have the day off, this at first was a really hard thing for me to start with because I was used to being on the water everyday being a windsurfing instructor.

But I've been wondering are there any people out there in the same situation as myself and if so then I wanted to try and arrange some sort of time where we can get ot on the water together have a good days windsurfing and a beer after then try and make it a event where we could meet up once every few months so we can show off what we've learnt get some beach time in, share windsurfing tips and help improve our sailing.

And we could have a really cool name like THE ACE OF SPADES WINDSURF CREW!

Hope to hear from you all soon.


Sparrow winking smiley
Re: Windsurfing croupiers.
20 April '11 | 9:41pm
is this a joke
Re: Windsurfing croupiers.
21 April '11 | 9:12am
No it isn't a joke,
I just want to know of there was anybody out there that does the same job as me and windsurfs because of working most weekends and night I don't get to go windsurfing as much as I use to with all my mates who are in uni and saying that most of them have now turned to kitesurfing witch to be honest is kindda gay so I thought why not see if there people out there in the same sit rep as me and get something sorted where we could meet up or even try and arrange a few inter casino windsurfing comps and maybe give the change to get more people on the water by teaching them how to windsurf.

I know it's a big task to try but why not? Look at what Will Rogers done for uk freestylers with the invention of Xpresson.

Sparrow winking smiley

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