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Windsurfing Boom

Posted by Help? 
Windsurfing Boom
19 May '11 | 10:16am
I was wondering if anyone could help? I got a new boom the other day and when putting it onto my old Sdm mast it is very hard to snap on especially down the bottom of the mast. Is this okay that it is very difficult to snap on and are there any adjustments i can make to the boom to make it snap on easier? Or do i just need a new mast?..
Re: Windsurfing Boom
20 May '11 | 11:17am
It is hard to give advice without knowing/seeing the front end of your boom as there are quite a few different style of boom front ends out there. Some are allways tricky to use others less so.

Re: Windsurfing Boom
17 June '11 | 9:44pm
The clamp system on any modern boom does 'snap' shut, this is a good thing as it means you get a nice solid connection between the mast & boom. Having said that, it should not be a super human effort to close the clamp over & maybe you should look at loosening off the inhaul rope (the little bit of rope at the front end of the boom) which controls how much 'squeeze' is put on the mast as you clamp the boom over.

Hope this helps you out.

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Re: Windsurfing Boom
14 July '11 | 9:34am
Without seeing boom i can't suggest you. Because their are different types of boom available.


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