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F2 rodeo 2011

Posted by steve 
F2 rodeo 2011
5 June '11 | 5:50pm
hello people!!

im gonna buy a new freestyle board, used to be on a JP ,but i have got an good offer of a F2 rodeo 107 2011 mod.
is there somone out there hwo have test it and have some info and inputs??

Take care
Re: F2 rodeo 2011
6 June '11 | 9:58am
Check out the link below, gives a good review of the board in the 98 flavour. I personally haven't sailed the 107 so can't give you much info, however with regard to the 98 I've been sailing it over the past year and love it. The rodeo is short, really short something you have to get used to a little but hte really compact out line means it pops easier and rotates much faster then my previous Chilli.

Minimum rocker and loads of volume in the tail area make this board plane up really early and again the wide tail gives it shed loads of pop, it also has an initial quite deep double concave in the nose to cut through chop. It is rightly well regarded by the top guys as one of if not the best freestyle board on the market at the moment...

Note the 2010 Rodeo is the same shape as the 2011, but with the fin slightly further forward in the 2011 model making it better for carving into moves like shakas etc.

Re: F2 rodeo 2011
7 June '11 | 11:13am
Check out Boards mag this month - Just seen that F2 are doing a 30% off RRP from the 10th June. So might be a plan??
Re: F2 rodeo 2011
7 June '11 | 8:46pm
What a load of bollox that offer is. They are saying the rrp for an F2 rodeo is £1700. What a joke. Do they think we are fecking stupid? So you can get a board for just under 1200 quid. bargain of the century.....!
Re: F2 rodeo 2011
9 June '11 | 2:43pm
Just out of interest what do you pay for a *new* board?
Re: F2 rodeo 2011
9 June '11 | 8:44pm
The most I have paid for a board was £1000 for a mistral twinzer. This was over 10% discount but still everyone thought I was nuts spending that. Apart from that moment of madness I usually spend about £500 tops for a new board. My brother picked up a brand new F2 rebel for £350 on ebay only a year or so after it was launched. Although I have enjoyed sailing F2 boards ( I owned a brand new (previous season) chilli 107 cost me £350 in cape town, of which I got about £50 tax back at the airport!) They have always been an 'everyday' brand, not a premium brand definitely in terms of pricing and I dont believe they are the correct rrps. Compare fake rodeo pricing £1700 to premium brands such as fanatic skate ~£1400. goya x1 £1200. Even bloody JP's are cheaper! Since when have F2 been more expensive than JP's?
How do they justify these prices?
Re: F2 rodeo 2011
12 June '11 | 10:09am
Yeh you are correct prices are a joke, but what realy gets my back up is
£1500 for a new board and still only a year warranty, this should at least
be 2 years.

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