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Cornwall - best time to get some wavesailing?

Posted by Jan 

What part of the year can You get some good wavesailing conditions (good wind and regular swell) in Cornwall?
Any spots? Accomodations? Maybe some WS school to keep the equipment?
Would be nice to get some details.

Re: Cornwall - best time to get some wavesailing?
6 June '11 | 8:24am
I would say october for wind/waves/warmth. I would avoid oct half term though.
Re: Cornwall - best time to get some wavesailing?
7 June '11 | 6:47am
Cornwall's always good for waves! The best time for waves in cornwall is the winter, it mite be chilly but the swells are bigger and the waves offer more of a punch, also there aren't so many poeple out which means more waves for everyone. September/October maybe more suitable as the water remains warmer.

Marazion works well when other beaches are blown out, but works best in W, E and SE. Easy to find, loads of space, and stunning views....you can also buy an awesome pasty in the bakery just up the road!

Try Coverack Windsurfing Centre for kit/tuition/advice, they're a good bunch.

Happy sailing!
Thanks a lot guys! Makes me wanna go there even more when I read about the waves! And how is the wind during winter blenderson?
If it comes to chill it doesn't bother me much as I'm used to cold conditions sailing everyday on Baltic Sea.

Thanks a lot again!
Re: Cornwall - best time to get some wavesailing?
8 June '11 | 9:31am
If you want to go in winter (dec, jan, feb time) you will get wind. It can be pretty hardcore though. October has more reliable frontal systems but there are no guarantees of wind blowing in this country in a given week. The last two winters have been very poor for wind but prior to that it was better. The longer you come the more chance of scoring some wind/waves.
looking out the window the last 2 summers may and june

forget the uk in the winter go capetown- cheaper and sunny !

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