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Boscombe Pier - Sunday 19th June

Posted by JaKst3r 
Boscombe Pier - Sunday 19th June
14 June '11 | 11:11am
My surfing buddies are heading down to Boscombe pier this Sunday - BigSalty is saying 15-20knots SW with 1.9M swell, which sounds pretty big OO (apart from the <6sec times!)...

Ive never sailed there.. Is it going to be any good? Is there any hidden dangers other than the rather obvious pier?

Anyone else sail there or going to be out this weekend?

Re: Boscombe Pier - Sunday 19th June
15 June '11 | 8:07pm
South westerly would be cross on and sailable but not great, heading to Branksome Dene would give you sideshore and would probably be better forwindsurifng if there's enough windswell to produce a wave. Right state of the tide and there should be a wave at Boscombe, although it won't be epic. Southwesterly aside Windguru's currently showing sunday as westerly which would be sideshore and a better direction for all. I've not been down there for a while, but the local rag was saying that the reef's currently shut as some numpty drove their boat into it splitting one of the bags open and it needs repair. Prior to that it was shut as they'd decided it was dangerous due to the possibility of getting trapped in hollows that were spotted on the back of it. It breaks better by the pier most of the time, which wouldn't be that sailable due to the number of surfers. What ever state the reefs in at low tide it breaks the surface and bottoming out whilst sailing it needs to be watched out for. Heading to Southborne might be a better option or going a bit further and over to Kimmeridge. Hope thats helpful.
Re: Boscombe Pier - Sunday 19th June
16 June '11 | 12:18pm
Very helpful thanks, may give Southborne a go smiling smiley

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