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Forward looping

Posted by new to wavesailing 
new to wavesailing
Forward looping
21 June '11 | 2:11pm
my sail quiver for waves is a 5.3m gun sail and a 4.7 gun sail both with vario tops. I only have enough cash to buy either a 430 mast or a 400 mast (after my old 430 mast snapped). I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on which one to go for i mean they 5.3 is ideally suppose to rig on a 430 and the 4.7 on a 400. i am thinking the 400 may be better for aeiral moves as it shorter... any thoughts?? also any thoughts on how much harder it is to do aerial moves with a 430 mast rather than a 400 mast
morris Dancer
Re: Forward looping
21 June '11 | 3:45pm
Your 5.3 should rig on a 400.. Even if its not the ideal mast it will be better than a 4.7 on a 430...

Mast sticking out the top is easily stuck into the sand/reef...
Re: Forward looping
22 June '11 | 1:49am

all the newer sails up to 5.7m are rigging on them now anyway

it should be possible to have a quiver from 4.2 to 5.7 all rigging on 400, a lot of brands offer this
Re: Forward looping
14 July '11 | 9:27am
There is no sailing experience required by yourself or your party and the level of involvement on your part towards ‘introduction to sailing’ or ‘advanced sailing’ is entirely your decision.


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