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90ltr Freestyle board

Posted by wingnut 
90ltr Freestyle board
24 June '11 | 10:59am
Has anyone got a 90 ltr Skate, Twintip or JP freestyle board they want to sell?
Re: 90ltr Freestyle board
24 June '11 | 12:09pm
Re: 90ltr Freestyle board
24 June '11 | 11:03pm
I have a 2009 Starboard flare 88l Excellent condition for sale.

£450 email me for pictures
Re: 90ltr Freestyle board
26 June '11 | 4:17pm
Nice one admin? Thanks for the starboard offer but looking for the others really.
Re: 90ltr Freestyle board
27 June '11 | 11:12am
Why just reply in a rude and arrogant way when the bloke is just asking if anyone has a board to sell. I would be suprised if this is James or Adrian ?

This is supposed to be a friendly website mainly celebrating our small but amazing sport and the more i read posts on here the more unfriendly i think its getting....
Re: 90ltr Freestyle board
28 June '11 | 7:50am
admittedly there should be a wanted section on the classifieds... as the old boards one is now dead apart from a forum thread

just so you know the flare 88 is actually a sick board, for some reason people are really anti flares from those years?? seem to work pretty well for kiri etc...
Re: 90ltr Freestyle board
28 June '11 | 10:54am
I agree windyrichy, surely this little industry needs every bit of positive promotion it can get right now, I thought I was on a surf forum for a moment where they can afford to be arrogant! No need.

Thanks for the starboard offer, I've nothing against the flare, I've just used the other boards a lot and they seem to suit. Still searching!
sam neal
Re: 90ltr Freestyle board
28 June '11 | 11:19am
i have a 89 jp freestyle 2010 in great condition going for £650 , email me for more info and picks


Re: 90ltr Freestyle board
29 June '11 | 10:34am
I am not sure yet, but think they might be marketed by cobra under Global surf industries. Will get back to you when I know more
Re: 90ltr Freestyle board
29 June '11 | 1:12pm
Hi Sam,

I've sent you an email, im interested. Is it the pro ed?
Andrew Serra
Re: 90ltr Freestyle board
10 August '11 | 9:26am
I have a twintip 2010 88lt. board. It has 3 cracks but repaired before it got water inside. I am selling it for 700-650 euros. It was used only 3 months.

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