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what board to start wave sailin

Posted by junior 
what board to start wave sailin
24 June '11 | 9:12pm
Hi all,
Need a bit of help with what board to start wave sailing on, i sail mostly onshore stuff, with the occaisional cross off stuff, (good day, apparently), i am realy keen on the whitchcraft boards, with the extra width they have on all volumes this would make em a bit easyer to get on with as a first timer type thing, and with the flatter rocker i guess they would be good at bump an jump, make the most of the crappy days, type of thing, but they are a fortune.
2nd choice, (my mates realy), quatro quad, ls or kt not sure, i only 65kgs, the lads say the w craft is for beginers so should be ok but they reckon ill get bored of the "slower", ride, (dunno what that means).
I dont know if the quad is too big a leap, or the w craft, too "basic", kinda keen on w craft tho
Any help would be helpfull,
Re: what board to start wave sailin
25 June '11 | 4:16pm
Hi what you are saying of the witchcraft is only applicable to the older v2.3 and before wave boards. They had fast rockers etc and were good cross-on/bump&jump boards but with the arrival of the witchcraft chakra boards the new V3.0 wave boards have a lot of rocker and are no longer early to plane. Of the new boards the chakra would be what you would want.

I have had the v2.3 wave boards and the original chakra and now I have the latest shapes. I have also had the quatro twin fins and quads. The quatro quad LS would also be a good board and probably easier to sail than the witchcraft but not much in it. Both withh turn at low speeds if necessary as you learn to go down the line.

The only twin fin I'd recomend is the quatro tempo which is the FSW of the twin fins, ie fast and early to plane at the expense of being a bit stiffer.

I don't think you are getting good advice if your palls tell you the witchcraft is for beginners. the wave boards take more skill to use than quatros. The lack of a rocker flat on the witchcraft boards make them more sensitive to trim where as most boards will just run on the flat section of the rocker.

You didn't say what size sails you use but for a first wave board for your weight try something around 75ltrs.

I hope that helps

If you want more info on how the boards compare drop me a email as I am off wave sailing to the caribean tomorrow and might not see your post.

Re cost - there isn't as big a difference as you might think.


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Re: what board to start wave sailin
28 June '11 | 2:28pm
well if its onshore your mainly looking at then the twinfin option is going to be better for you. Easy boards to sail and alot more common than quad fins so you wont have to break the bank to acquire one. The quad fins are also a much more technical board to sail. The fanatic twins are an awesome board, the RRDs are good, Quatros obviously. Have a look at the old tests. But splashing out on a quad would be a bit of an error in my experience just to then knock chuncks out of it.
Re: what board to start wave sailin
28 June '11 | 8:39pm
Hi Junior - for what its worth, I have a JP Real World Wave 2006, 76L for sale.
I'm not sure what board you have now, but it might be an ideal 1st wave board for someone your weight, as it is wide, flattish rockerline, very compact in the air (due to its stubby size) - all great for jumping and onshore waves

It also works really well in sideshore waves - I had it in Logo high waves in Cornwall and it works like a dream, but really excels in head high or so waves - I took it to Ireland for a week last year and it is a dream. Its early planing means it punches out on lighter days without a problem!

Its in pretty damn good condition (apart from some scuffing on the paint and a couple 1mm^2 chips), asking 200 quid if you're interested.

email me on charlesoriordan @ g mail [dot] com for more details/photos
Re: what board to start wave sailin
22 July '11 | 8:12am
Hi all, thanks for all the advise, i got a 2nd hand 76 tempo in the end, love it tried all sorts of stuff, quads twins, those funny witchcraft things, (very difficult to sail!, just fell off the front on a bottom turn), liked almost everything, but the quads where a bit much money, bought the tempo from someone tradeing in for a quad.
Again the advise was all good, after i tried em, an read it back i couldnt agree with it all more, so cheers all,


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