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Vulcan board pop

Posted by Smile 
Vulcan board pop
2 July '11 | 4:16pm
Hi there!

How do you guys get the board so easily out of the water?
When I'm attempting this trick I have the feeling that you have to pop the board very strongly in order the even get some air and then how to make at least a 90° turn?
Could you give me some advices plz to make the learning process more comfortable.

Thanks in advance!
Re: Vulcan board pop
1 August '11 | 8:56pm
just got back from clinic in Fuerte and had a go trying these, try them off chop or small wave this really helps, also just as you hit the chop sheet in really hard than let go straight away, look back and bend your knees, this will get you poping and round, I only had 1 day at Sotavento but got this part of the move fairly quick using this technique, hope this helps
Re: Vulcan board pop
3 August '11 | 8:32pm
Try bearing away more, the board doesn't need to be popped very high. If you go high off a piece of chop you'll more than likely come down too hard and the tail will catch. I usually have the nose touch down about 90 degrees through and rotate around it. If youre getting thrown off half way through, keep pressure on the toes to stop the rails catching, and most importantly keep your weight forward. Cutting your fin down will help too
Re: Vulcan board pop
4 August '11 | 3:39am
sounds like you need to go faster, its a common problem with learning the vulcan. as people prepare to go for the move, they unhook and change their stance, probably sheet out, even some people bounce around before hand. but all these things only slow you down. best thing to think is to be sailing fast on a reach then unhook and go.

also with the bearing off downwind thing.. this isnt neccessary and can make the move more complicated. yes you can get more speed from bearing off, which is a good thing, but some people may actually slow down. so I wouldnt worry about doing it unless you find it definitly helps.

Re: Vulcan board pop
4 August '11 | 8:26am
You really don't need to pop high to do a vulcan, because the most important thing is that you stick in your nose as fast as possible. Jump around the first 30-90° and at the same time point the nose down into the water. I never do it over a wave it makes me jump way too high and it's not possible to slide back.
Try it at lower speeds first to get a feeling of how to jump and stick in the bord. When you feel secure and then try it at higher speeds.
If you wanna land vulcans and later on spocks then it help to go really far downwind, to straighten your front arm completely(while keeping the sail sheeted in with your back hand) before the jump. This keeps your sail in a better position while sliding backwards, so that you can pull it forward easier and not fall backwards with your sail. Also lean a bit backwards and keep the front leg straight while the back leg is bent with almost no pressure on it. This gives you more explosiveness when popping the board.
Personally i would go for the mast when shifting the sail, it's probably easier. As soon as you're able to rotate the board don't make the mistake of not thinking about your hands. Just grab the mast right after the jump, while you're in the air and pull it forward towards the nose while sliding backwards.
Good luck winking smiley

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