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Surfing with a Sail
2 July '11 | 8:14pm
looking at buying a set of sails and was looking at gun sails, for some reason they are so much cheaper than any other makes....
are they in some way not as good as other brands !!!???!!!
Any thoughts on the 2011 gun sails or just gun as a brand!!!!!!!!
3 July '11 | 8:13am
Years ago I bought a mast that quickly broke; Gun not interested. Couple of years ago bought a harness where straps kept slipping, again Gun not interested (friend reckoned they bought cheap webbing without testing). So personal experience poor. Another friend won't buy ( and he used to sell sails) as he reckons construction is minimal; another has a Gun sails and thinks just about OK but not thrilled, and finally another has Gun and perfectly happy. Other may have more recent experience.
I bought some Tushingham sails which I like feel wise but after buying Gaastra, North and Ezzy I realise were a step down in build quality, however, more recent purchasers tell me Tush have improved so maybe Gun too, buth worth questioning.
4 July '11 | 9:57am
Ever tried Hotsails, especially the Superfreak? I bought a quiver last year and haven't looked back since. Not only were they a good deal, even for the current seasons models, they still look brand new even after a snapped mast in Tiree, broken UJ at K-Bay where the sail was washed up over the rocks and some good old rinsings at Gwithian. ( No I don't work for Hotsails ;0)

Of course it's a personal choice and you've opened up Pandora's Box with that question, especially when someone mentions Tushingham on this forum, but that's been my experience with a current brand.

As for GUN I think they can be likened to Skoda, where they suffered from horrendous build quality years ago (IMO) and they've never shaken that reputation since. Depending on where you live you could always ping a sponsored rider and see if you could demo a sail...especially if you're going to buy a whole quiver.

How about trying OTC in either Weymouth or Tenerife, if they do GUN that is?
Surfing with a Sail
4 July '11 | 10:54am
Thanks for the advice so far i will keep Maui sails in mind. Does anyone have any views then on maui sails? or in fact any good sails that are cheap!!?
4 July '11 | 3:34pm
SecretSails.com , great value for money.
4 July '11 | 5:30pm
Hotsails Maui (HSM)...not Maui sails. Just in case I've bigged up the wrong brand ;0)

Have you looked at 5 Oceans down in Cornwall? Heard rave reviews about their feel, weight and durability. Not sure about the price though.

Vandal are pretty cheap too, but then I've heard the build quality is not all that.
8 July '11 | 2:23pm
Guns Sails are cheap because they are not sold in stores. They only sell via internet / telephone and, thereby, save the share the store would earn.

I do not own a gun sail currently, but I won a 4.7 gun wave sail some years ago before I went to CapeTown for a year of studies at UCT. I really loved it - very light and a good handling. And despite serious sessions in the washing machine, it never caused any problem.

Maybe not same prestige as NP, etc. but good sails for a reasonable price (I would prefer a Gun with a good mast compared to a more expensive sail with a 30% mast)

14 July '11 | 8:32am
I agree with stylomat. Gun rates are cheaper now a days. Search on net it will provide you selling sites. Which will helpful for you.

15 July '11 | 10:46am
Gun sails are great for the recreational windsurfer not bothered about the class system in sail manufactures! I used them for 6 years when I sailed every week-end in Saudi, they lasted as long as any of the top brand sails in very high UV conditions.

12 August '11 | 4:19pm
Ive used Gun sails for the last 6 years also masts and other equiptment and have to say that in my opinion they are great value for money and very reliable. ive bought a mast and a sail for the same price as friends have paid for pryde and tush sail alone and the performance advantage does not seem no different at my local spots.

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