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kosters quads

Posted by fingulible 
kosters quads
4 July '11 | 5:38pm
a touch curious regarding the latest Koster vid
if quads are now de rigeur and there is so much hype surrounding them
particularly starboard with yet another new quad about to be released, why is their wonder kid Koster riding what appears to be a trailer fin board in twin fin mode on the latest vid?
or am i just missing something . . . . .
Re: kosters quads
4 July '11 | 8:04pm
He is riding the evo "single - twinfin" convertible (not trailer fin). It appears to be his favourite among the starboard models.
Re: kosters quads
4 July '11 | 10:17pm
thanks for clearing that up
didnt even realise they were still making such a thing
surely that is a board more relevant to UK conditions then?
is it the old evil twin with an extra fin box or something new?
Jan Willem
Re: kosters quads
5 July '11 | 8:57am
From a friend who frequently visits Moulay in Morocco, I heard that Boujmaa is mostly back on single and twinfin now.
May be a cusious trend which we'll all pick up? Will we be back on singles again in two years?
Re: kosters quads
5 July '11 | 8:07pm
Bouj was useing a single an twin "TWO YEARS AGO", he uses em cos he likes em, the single gives him the drive for jumpin, and he like s the feel of the twin for riding, !!!!
phil urboots
Re: kosters quads
6 July '11 | 7:37am
If you tried the 2011 starboard quad you would too be forced to ride the evo. too.. as it's the best of a bad bunch from 2011 starboard wave products hopefully 2012 will be much improved...

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