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Criminal Minds interrupts the viewer's direction.

Posted by summer22 
Criminal Minds interrupts the viewer's direction.
18 July '11 | 6:49am
I wasn't sure how they would handle this seasongrey's anatomy dvd on sale after the shooting last season. I thought the show might go in the wrong direction and it would be the start of the end. This season was amazing. I thought they handled the fallout of last seasons finale really well. I love the character stories that ran throughout the season. Yang seemed to take more of a centre stage this season, which was great as she is one of my favourite characters.two and a half men dvd on sale There are one or two tiny new characters, but I think they are more for future seasons and were added to sort of get the ball rolling on next seasons stories. Meredith had a fantastic storyline this season, which sort of came alive towards the second half. Karev centred episodes were actually my favourite. Hopefully at some point something will actually go right for him! The characters continue to get better. There was not a dull episode in the season. The musical was really funny and I think we can establish who can sing and who can't by the way Callie basically sings nearly every song. discount criminal minds dvdsAn amazing season, which can only get better next year. Fourth Best Episode is Callie and Arizonas Wedding was AMAZING and it was Great how it showed marrige has nothing to do with god and that it is just a judge. The way it changed from Merders and Calzonas was Amazing and finally my two favirote Couples Got together, Whoever hates this episode is just WEIRD Am Loving the TEDDY storyline i really want her to be with the dying guy I am counting down the days till the finale of this season but i am just scared that Teddy's husband may die. it just seems since his introduction he is going to be Denny 2.0 and i would be really pissed if discount gossip girl dvds Shonda did this because she would just be recyling old storylines. Izzie needs to come back and finsh with Alex i actuall hated Izzie last season, i mean Kathrine Heigl quit the show at about 6 episodes into the last season i just wished Shinda would have killed her off and kept George. Lots of people think Grey's is getting to old but i for one think it is still on top and enjoyable i can't wait for the eigth season but i do hope Grey's discount grey's anatomy dvds does not go past a ninth season because at that point it may get old. I will be pruchasing this the day it comes out nd rewatching this whole season again as it has so far been

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