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gossip girl is an excellent show

Posted by summer22 
gossip girl is an excellent show
18 July '11 | 6:58am
The first half of season 4 is actually a lot gossip girl dvd on sale stronger than many viewers give it credit for. The Paris episodes are a great way to launch the season, and it feels like there's a concentrated effort to correct what viewers were complaining about in season 3 such as lack of Serena/Blair scenes (they get one in nearly every episode of season 4), better fashion (Blair starts dressing in a much less boring way than the middle-aged woman they were portraying her as in many season 3 episodes), and the show having turned Chuck and Blair into a boring couple with no spark (they get much sexier moments this season,grey's anatomy dvd on sale including hate sex). The problem is with the second half which is pretty much build around Chuck's business empire, which frankly no one watches the show to see. The more interesting Dair and Blair friendship scenes brought new life to the show for a while there, the actors have a lovely sparkly chemistry, but then they seemed to get dropped post-haste for Blair/Prince and Blair/Chuck (who lost most of the chemistry by the finale episode to be honest, the sex scene just did not have that old wow factor and the writers should have taken the opportunity with Dan/Blair to move on from them and do something new). And Serena seemed to be almost forgotten about when she was put aside for a boring B-plot with Ben, played by an actor with no charisma and no real point to being on the show.two and a half men dvd on sale Jenny was missing, Nate was only used to prop up the GUEST STAR Raina with no storyline of his own, Vanessa only seemed to be brought back to act as an embarassing plot point, and the Blair/Dan scenes were firmly C-plot and getting about five minutes of screentime in the majority of episodes. Even Lily's arrest fizzled out to nothing with the dramatic moment of her turning herself in just leading to the very downplayed revelation that she is now on house arrest, while Rufus was treated as a joke most of the time discount criminal minds dvds So the only plot to carry the second half was the business one with Chuck and Russell. And it was BORING. Season 5 must do better. For a start the writers could focus on all the characters, not just the one that they think is the most popular. Frankly the actor playing Chuck seems to be phoning it in a lot of the time, the way he whispers every single line drives me crazy and he did not use to be even a tenth as annoying, so I wonder if he's getting as frustrated as I am with his character being expected to carry the entire second half of the season? (Unless you seriously count Serena/Ben as A-plot I suppose).discount gossip girl dvds I really think the fairest thing is to share storylines with all of thecast and bring it back to being an emsemble show.

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