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where to store board&sails in Jeri?

Posted by bssurfer 
where to store board&sails in Jeri?
26 July '11 | 5:36am

any suggestions where to store board and sails in Jeri (good location & cheap)?

Checked the prices with Club Ventos - 70 EUR/week, way too much!

thnx for help!
Re: where to store board&sails in Jeri?
27 July '11 | 2:53am
there are a few other cheap(er) places where you can try haggling but are unlikely to make them budge, one guy tried for a day and then gave up. overall it still ends up pretty cheap.

the two other main places are right next to club ventos, cheapest one is run by a guy called johnson, cant remember other dudes name but if you go there you get wifi...

some people carry their kit from their pousada everyday..

If you get a good price on accommodation you will end up spending the same to live as for board storage. I wouldn't worry about trying to book, unless you know someone, the best way for both storage and accommodation is to turn up and ask around/haggle. maybe book a place for the first 2 nights...

Re: where to store board&sails in Jeri?
27 July '11 | 5:58am
thnx for the info!

I got got an offer from Tico Windo - 115 EUR for one month, much cheaper than Club Ventos where they want 280 EUR.

But I will do as you say, check the places and prices on the spot and decide there. Don't feel like carrying my kit everyday from the pousada....
Re: where to store board&sails in Jeri?
30 July '11 | 7:40pm
last season a massive amount of 400 cm masts was stolen from the CLUB VENTOS storage......


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