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Wave sails for Freestyle

Posted by tom123 
Wave sails for Freestyle
28 July '11 | 5:30pm
Hi does anyone have any views on using a wave sail e.g the north ice for freestyle instead of the north duke (norths freestyle sail). I am very light and was wondering whether a wave sail would infact be better for me to try and get into freestyle rather than a gruntier freestyle sail... any thoughts appreciated.
Re: Wave sails for Freestyle
23 August '11 | 12:26pm
If surf a lot at lake garda in Italy. I use NP Combats, i.e. wave sails, for freestyle (4.2 - 5.3). Many italians who are really light use a North ICE 5.0 or 4.7 for freestyle - even some guys who obviously compete in contests. I would say that up to 5.3 you can easily use a wave sails for freestyle,too. If you go bigger, I would suggest to take a pure freestyle sail.

Also, you may want to use the smaller sails in real wave conditions and with a waveboard. And this way around a wave sail is far better than a freestyle sail...
Re: Wave sails for Freestyle
23 August '11 | 3:18pm
Hey Tom,

Most guys on the North program use Ice for the 5.0 and down for freestyle, I also use a 5.3 Ice, then I get a 5.9 Duke. A lot of guys go 5.0 down Ice and then a 5.4 Duke. The Ice is a really, really good freestyle sail for everything from your first helitack all the way up to Air Funnels. That said, I have the North ID on order for 2012. Should be here in about month! The ID is a lighter version of the Ice/Duke combo.

Happy sailing,

Mike Burns


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