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new sails

Posted by jimbo 
new sails
28 July '11 | 6:27pm
how much difference do brand new top quality e.g north or gaastra sails on a high carbon content mast improve your sailing compared to say 2006 gun sails on a 30% naish mast. ???.. any thoughts
Re: new sails
29 July '11 | 11:49am
You'll get there in the end, but the journey won't be as pleasant
Re: new sails
29 July '11 | 12:30pm
North sail on 100% carbon mast will feel so much lighter = easier to learn
Re: new sails
29 July '11 | 8:29pm
depends on your wallet
if its full the new kit will feel amazing and you will convince yourself you are getting better
if its empty the older kit and your passion for the sport, despite you not being loaded will get you there just as quickly
Re: new sails
30 July '11 | 10:05am
what fagin says is not true, having light and responsive kit certainly makes a huge difference. not only makes everything easier but you will enjoy it more too and therefore progress faster.

I would say keep the sail and buy a new 100% rdm mast first, this will make the biggest difference.
Re: new sails
31 July '11 | 8:29am
Jimmy Hill - beware posts from sales reps!!!!!
Re: new sails
31 July '11 | 6:12pm
Jamie Hancock won BWA on Gun sails few years ago..can't be that bad
think i would chose them over tushingham - only tush i ever had fell apart..

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