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Sail Setting

Sail Setting
3 August '11 | 5:34pm
Just got a gaastra maniac 2011 sail and mast when setting sail to the recommendations it seems very loose at the leach but the outhaul seems to set very full easily can put hand down against boom any thoughts to why this is?.. is this how the maniac is suppose to set...
Re: Sail Setting
4 August '11 | 1:18pm
your mast is probably too flex top - try one with a constant curve or slightly hard top...

Re: Sail Setting
4 August '11 | 2:08pm
thats the weirdest thing the mast is the recommended 75%carbon rdm gaastra mast
Re: Sail Setting
4 August '11 | 5:15pm
try a sdm
by the looks of the last test on masts those are the ones we should be using anyway
Re: Sail Setting
4 August '11 | 9:59pm
put some more outhaul tension and my advice for the future- NEVER rely on recomended measures winking smiley
Sails are machine sewn and sometimes two sails from the same maker and of the same model, size and year behave noticabely different even when rigged on the same mast.
Re: Sail Setting
4 August '11 | 10:00pm
By the way- that is why most brands publish rigging videos which show how the sail should look like when rigged properly.
Re: Sail Setting
5 August '11 | 10:32am
Hi Jan - is the sail new - I sail Gaastra's and I find they need a few sail's for the luff material to stretch a little. So would go with the other advice and go on your instincts rather than dimensions for a few session
Re: Sail Setting
7 August '11 | 8:36am
I sail a manic 6m on Powerex rdm. Seems quite sensitve to setting: leech is loose to almost 3rd batten and almost 2cm outhaul. I can do less down and outhaul in lighter winds but sail less comfortable. As earlier said do it by eye.
Re: Sail Setting
18 August '11 | 11:45pm
It might be worth measuring your mast extension and boom. They are rarely accurate. I have 2 booms from the same brand supposedly the same size just a year difference in time of purchase. One is 3.5 cm larger than the arm setting suggests, the other is 2.5 cm smaller than the boom arm suggests. I have 3 different brands of extension..........one of them are accurate...i.e if you set them at 10cm they may provide more or less than 10cm extra mast length.
Moral of the story.................as Angulo once helpfully said in a very old VHS ( yes VHS not DVD!) .."it dont matter how you set it as long as you set it right"!!!

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