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Question to mast experts

Posted by overrider 
Question to mast experts
14 August '11 | 12:35am

I read that imcs measurements are done with a 30kg of mass hanging on the middle of the mast and I am curious about how much weight can a 430 mast carry hanging at the middle.

Another question is about using a 430 gaastra mast for 6.9 gaastra remedy (with 38cm extension) instead of a 460.

What happens if I use a 460 mast for my gaastra matrix 6.0 which has 452 luff height and recommended mast is a 430? What effect will that additional 8 cm at the bottom of the rig will have?

Thank you for your attention.

Re: Question to mast experts
15 August '11 | 5:55pm
Regards how much weight a mast will take - a lot of masts will virtualy bend into a U shape especialy rdm masts.

430 with a 38cm extension - you will probably find that your sail has a much softer feel, opening up and spilling wind easier/earlier. Sometimes there can be issues with the foot batten nor rotation well due to it meeting the mast right at the bottom where it is stiff. Also be carefull about which extension you choose as they are more liable to bend/break when set that long.

460 mast in your 6.0 - opposite effect to above the sail will feel tight and more powerfull. by raising the sail you also raise the center of effort and center of gravity, niether being ideal.

Re: Question to mast experts
15 August '11 | 8:15pm
Thank you very much, I find your explanation helpful.


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