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mast feet/deck plates

Posted by mikerb 
mast feet/deck plates
18 August '11 | 10:57pm
There seems to be very little advice or information about a crucial piece of kit that we all rely on to keep our rig connected to the board....the mast foot or deck plate or whatever you call it!!
I realized recently that I could not remember how long I had been using the same 2 mast feet and maybe I should be thinking of retiring them. But what to buy to replace them? I remember reading somewhere that BOGE types provide a little more "suspension" for rougher conditions whilst tendon types are stiffer and provide more drive for big sails....and are probably stronger????.........that's about all know. Having carefully inspected my mast feet I found the Neil Pryde tendon one to be pretty wobbly both at the pin and bolt end...so probably close to the end of its life. The other is a Mystic BOGE type and as far as I can tell is still in good condition.....but how do you tell? what is the life expectancy of these things. I recently hit a fishermans trawl line at high speed. The fin stopped the board dead whilst me plus the complete rig went flying on...the mast foot had sheered in half............probably as well it did actually because neither me not the kit was damaged!

I had a look at the very sexy Chinook single bolt mast foot but was surprised to find it weighed nearly as much as my board! Not surprising since the cups above and below the tendon are cast stainless steel...no doubt immensely strong. I think the pin and top cup are a single cast as well which deals with the problem of the pin working loose.
Next in line seems to be the Streamlined mast foot, similar in appearance to the Chinook but the cups are anodised T6 alloy rather than stainless steel. Amex have a mast foot where the top cup and pin are one piece; the North Race base looks similar to that. Then there are a host of brand name tendon mast feet which all look very much the same whilst the price varies in line with expectation for the brand!
Anyway the point of this post is to see what other information there is out there.................which models are good, which are rubbish, ......what are your experiences????

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