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Bigger or smaller mast?

Posted by overrider 
Bigger or smaller mast?
23 August '11 | 7:05pm

I broke my 430 SDM gaastra mast which I use it with a matrix 6.0. (458 luff)

Now I'm planning to buy a 6.9 Remedy which's recommended mast is a 460. (468 luff)

I do not have enough budget to buy two masts so I'm going to use one masts with these two sails and I sholuld decide between those two masts :

1) %75C gaastra RDM 430 mast
2) %75C gaastra RDM 460 mast

Should I prefer using both sails with 460 or 430?

(I am a 70 kg sailor)

Kind Regards,
Re: Bigger or smaller mast?
25 August '11 | 7:50pm
For your weight I'd say go for the 430.

Make sure you have a good mast extension.


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rdms are for sheep
Re: Bigger or smaller mast?
25 August '11 | 8:05pm
why not save some cash and buy an sdm? all the write ups say sdm are better, especially in the longer sizes
dont follow the herd (i'm sure someone else uses that one?)
Re: Bigger or smaller mast?
26 August '11 | 4:05am
rdms are for sheep Wrote:
> all the write ups say sdm are better

not sure that is entirely true... up to 430 I believe many people who switch to using RDMs never go back
Re: Bigger or smaller mast?
27 August '11 | 9:21pm
I purchased a %75C RDM 430, it was cheaper than the similar SDM. I haven't tested yet. smiling smiley

I bought an 45cm Ascan Aluminium extension to use with as I need 471 loof for my 7.0 sail.

Thanks for advices.

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